Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am been blessed in my life with sights and sounds and images from around the world. I have yet to travel to Asia, South Africa, Australia, or New Zealand. Maybe the greatest desire, to go to South Africa to visit the animals in their natural habitat and India, where spirituality and love can be found in music and culture and everyday life. The Taj Mahal, one of the greatest tributes to Love in the history of the world. I pray that I will be gifted to see the beautiful people from those great parts of the world.

As you see I am motivated to include images and videos to complement my writing. When your senses are high as in my case, I can get emotional looking at an image while someone else might wonder what is wrong with me. An image or picture, ~~ which as you have heard "is worth a thousand words". Those may not be the same words other people share. The viewer feels his own connection with the image and or book.

You know the old saying, "The movie is never as good as the book". This is because visualization and interpretation in reading and vision is unique to all of us.

I have experience the beauty of Ancient Greece, 
The louver in Paris, the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg ,
Russia, the Sistine Chapel in Rome. I can go on and on.

My point being ~~ that the conduit for inspiration is portrayed in various ways. When images are coupled with amazing and inspirational quotes I get chills in my spine and tingeing sensations in my head. The message is clear and motivating.

I am like a kid at the movie theater jumping out of my seat and cheering. "Did you see that!"

Find that which Ignites your inspiration and share your enthusiasm with anyone who will listen.

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