Friday, March 25, 2011


I am blessed that I live near the Pacific ocean. It offers an opportunity to exercise yet one more method of meditation.  I am Surrounded by one of many forces of nature.  A stroll on the beach can satisfy all five major senses we were born with: The sound of the waves caressing the skirt of mother earth, her shores:  The visual of the sun fading below the horizon to prepare for another session of warm love and light the next day:  the smell of mother earth's perfume  emanating from the water that has been kissed by the her beautiful sea life: Last but not least, with cupped hands, touching my face a piece of a wave slightly seasoned with the taste of salt, and the feel of the liquid love from Mother Nature. 

This is an incredible recipe for tranquility. 

In the depths of my meditation watching the waves as they engulfed  my feet I realized that each wave is different from all the others, before and after and all times on this planet.  Very symbolic of how we as humans are all unique. After all, two humans can not share the same finger prints, let alone the same psyche. This validates how special we are on this planet. We were born special and we can pass on to the spirit world as special,  ~~ if we so choose.  It is up to us to develop the gifts given to us at birth! 

 Painting by Benny Anderson

We have been given many gifts from our creator of all things. Please do not waste them. Like all the sand pebbles on a beach, you may believe you are not seen among the billions of pebbles, but you can be seen by sharing your love and light. By sharing your wisdom and your  enlightenment. You can turn into a bolder of support for mankind and animals on this planet. Please do not waste the power and positive energy you were born with.  

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