Saturday, April 9, 2011


You may want to double click on the video to see this 
video directly on u-tube to appreciate the images which
are incredible.

This video will either validate your feelings about the current condition of the world consciousness or it will awaken you ~~ and it can change your life. You will look at your heart from this point on unlike any other time in your life. The heart is the most powerful weapon against war, hatred, division of people and cruelty to animals.

The ancients were, at one time, thousands of year ago, one people but they strayed from the true treasures of life on this planet which led to their downfall and inherit inclination. 

The heart is a powerful electrical and magnetic tool for all mankind to ease  everyday challenges in life. A channel to that source is daily meditation. You do not have to see the results to believe it works, you can feel the results through other people who come into contact with you and your positive energy. I know they do, from personal experience. I work with the public extensively and at least once a day I am told I am a"good person". Most people ~~ unfortunately cannot put a label to the feeling they have when around me. When I meet people in my line of work, it is because of something negative happening in their life. I seem to be the calm in their storm. As you can experience!

Choose love and know that prayer and meditation opens up the divine heart within and there will be hope for our future!


  1. Another great post. I’ve listed you here: on my list of great spiritual blogs.

  2. Thank you very much!I will visit there. So much more to share and so little time available.

    Blessings to you!


  3. Thanks. It's very interesting article and the video touched the heart