Monday, April 4, 2011


As we approach the Christian Holy week starting April 18th and Easter, I am reminded that while this is the most sacred Christian holiday acknowledging the resurrection of Jesus Christ ~~ it can also be related to the resurrection of all life. Thus, this video I stumbled on while preparing my post for the Christian Holy week and day of resurrection is so apropos for this time of the year, the spring season. This is when all life on this planet regenerates. The music of Vangelis and the voice of Irene Papas (both Greek) with the images of Mother Nature regenerating her beauty. A combination that is so inspiring.

Irene Papas sings a Greek Orthodox hymn for Pasca (Easter in Greek) called "Christos Anesti" which means in Greek, "Christ has risen". I will be posting this beautiful hymn again with Byzantine chanting during Holy week and Easter.

You will see holy sites in Greece, most of which I have visited in this video. All representing the serenity and beauty portrayed by man's sacred creations among Mother nature's beauty!

Whether you are Greek Orthodox, a knight from Camelot, a Druid, Baha'i, Jewish, Islam, Muslim, Hindi or of any other faith ~~ one thing we have in common, the air we breath and beauty of regeneration each spring. May we all celebrate the rebirth of life and hope for a better world for us and generations to come.

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