Sunday, May 15, 2011


Songs, movies, poetry and more books than anyone can count have flooded humanity on the topic of Love since communication existed between all inhabitants on planet earth. Some languages are more descriptive than others when describing love. Greek is a very romantic language and has three beautiful words for Love. 

Eros is the erotic love, sometimes exercised without emotion. It is the raw attraction between two individuals. It can be a very passionate experience. Erotic love can be also be experienced between too individuals with deep passion and emotion which can take you into depths of the spiritual Love called Agape. I like to refer to this experience as "Sacred Unity"  When one who is also in love with the spirit and soul of another. This can also lead to the Love called Filos which can be associated with passion toward humanity. Agape also represents a spiritual gathering.

The study of this love relevant to humanity is called Philosophy with the root words of "Filos" and "Sofia" which means wisdom in Greek. Thus, we call this the "love for wisdom".  

Now comes the key to unlock the love you have to share. YOU MUST LOVE YOURSELF FIRST! Do not expect to share love with another unless you like yourself first. Be kind to yourself. Let go all the negativity you have gathered over the years and treat the day you live in as the first day of your life.

How do you know that you experiencing love you ask? The Great Spirit, the Creator of all things, has bestowed a gift so powerful as your body and shell of your soul. The signs of love will be noticeable. 

Remember, your heart is the strongest organ in your body having both Magnetic and Electronic energy that affects the environment  around you. It can have a physical affect  on people around you. When a connection is made, you will know it. It will become obvious to you.
The waves of emotions will run through you like a powerful stream through the forest of feelings. You might experience a tingling sensation. You begin to feel light headed as though you have taken some hallucinogenic  drug. You feel you  are walking on clouds, etc. 

As wonderful as this sensation maybe, your work has just begun to nourish your  garden of love. Every day you need to nourish and attend to your garden. There will be weeds of challenges that can grow in your garden.  Simple gestures of kindness, caring and respect with honesty can remedy those challenges  and be fertilizer for the soul.

The giving of one's self  can be challenging as you can always be on the brink of loosing yourself in another. Be a part of the life of someone else and allow a person to a part of your life. However  it is imperative to remain  the essence of who you are.   In other words, you provide the coal and your soul mate provides the obsidian. The Alchemy of your relationship creates the furnace which makes the diamond or that third entity which is your sacred relationship.   You never stop being the coal and your soul mate never stops being the obsidian.

Then there is love for humanity and all living creatures on this planet. We call this Philanthropy. The root words are Filos and anthropos which in Greek means "man", ~~ thus Love for mankind.  Caring for our fellow humans in the form of charity is another Greek word, called Philoptohos. It literally means "friend of the poor". (Filos is friend and ptohos in Greek means Poor). There is usually an organization with in each Greek Orthodox church called Philoptohos who gives to the needy.

Loving humanity and all living creatures is in my opinion the most noble task we can take on. This nourishes the goal of world unity. Is it too much to ask for us to be a Filos to our fellow Anthropos? Let us unite in our common form of love in our places of worship and in our daily life. Do not allow social pressures to infiltrate your Agape. Instead, show the world how at peace you are with your love for mankind! You cannot do that if you do not love yourself first!

I recently saw a wonderful movie now for many times made in the 60's called " Guess who is coming to Dinner" It portrays some of what I have spoken of as to the foundation of love and dealing with social issues.  Here is the 8 minute speech given by Spencer Tracy. It is very worth while seeing every minute of this video.

May you love yourself so you may share your love with a soul mate and the world.

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