Monday, May 9, 2011


To better understand me and how I have arrived at the place of my Spirituality, please allow me to share some of my roots that have shaped me as a spiritual human. Not only have I studied religions, but, I have experienced them, some much more than others.

In my preschool and early elementary school years my family lived in Ogden Utah, thus I was exposed to the Mormon Church vicariously through my classmates and neighbors. I remember going to a place with my best friend who lived across the street. He called this "church". It was the Mormon church. My parents had not taken me to any church before then. I thought this was a social experience to meet people. I had never been to church before. My parents did not raise us kids in a structured religiosity. 

After arriving in Southern California, we moved to a city built by Mormons. But we did not attend the Mormon church. On few occasions I was taken went to a church called, " Science of Mind". My parents also followed a non denominational spiritualist who was an archeologist and traveled the world speaking on spirituality. I remember meeting him at a gathering which took place in our home. I do not recall the exact words he used but, he said to me something to the affect that I was a special person with a special purpose in life. I was very young then and had no idea what he was speaking of.

It was in this city I was introduced to Greek Orthodoxy. I was baptized at 16 years old. I then gained a full scholarship to attend the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki to study Theology and philosophy. When I returned to the US I was ordained a priest and was assigned to one of the most well known Greek Orthodox churches in America in Los Angeles California.

I discovered my passion to teach and make sermons. I taught adult Bible classes and invited clergymen from all religions to speak as I wanted my students to have exposure to all faiths. I got in trouble for that by the bishop and was reprimanded for having them ("non believers") in his church sharing Ecomenical prayers. In Los Angeles I had incredible resources as I was a member of the Ecomenical movement in Los Angeles. 

Since I resigned as a priest I have been researching for answers for the lack of unity of all humanity. To understand better why humans have separated themselves in pursuit of what essentially is the same goal in all religions as to our voyage in this life. 

It does not matter what method you travel to reach your final destination in life if you are at peace and love with your fellow traveler and  If you did the best you could with integrity and passion for all living creatures on this beautiful planet. 

The above video enhances my message on the common goal we all share what binds us in humanity. 

May we all find that vessel which will take us to the love, peace and light which unites as one people sharing our planet! May we all
coexist !


  1. I had no idea you lived in Ogden, I was raised in California Came to Utah in 94 . I am not a mormon just different ideas of how to live life. My father was part Sioux so I love learning . but I am reading more on Buddhism. Thank you for blessing me with this today_ /\_

  2. What is interesting, even as a young child I had native American friends. When we moved to California, My babysitter was from the San Manuel band of Indians. As you see here in this blog I am so connected with our first people!

    Wado my Oyinali (thank you my friend in Cherokee)



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