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I strongly recommend that you see all nine parts, each part of about 10 minutes. You can return and see them on other visits. I guarantee you that you will be amazed by what you will see. You will never view water the same after seeing these videos. Each one comes up after the other if you notice when a video ends. You will see it at the end of each video in sequence.

Man has categorized our environment on this planet in four elements:

Earth, air, fire and water. From the beginning, man on earth has attempted to control the elements to make his life more to his needs. Little did ancient man know that his behavior had such a effect on Nature by his emotions. While man lives among nature and accepts it, he had no awareness of the relationship that exists between him and his environment and how in spiritually they can work together.

Water may be the most powerful and malleable energy on Earth and the element which has played  the largest role in our makeup and our spirituality. 

Are you aware that water has memory and that it is a form of a computer? It records all events it comes across and its relationship with the World. Every human has traces of water from his birth place through the water still in his body. Water reacts to emotions of humans. Water crystals can be spiritually contaminated by negative emotions such as anger and malice.

These events and crystals in water are seen under today's powerful microscopes. 

While you will see and hear incredible stories in the videos above on the divinity of water, I would like to share my story and experience with  this sacred element:

As you has seen in a previous post under "Holy Places" in the directory of this blog I have visited The Holy Mountain in Greece called "Mount Athos" a few times. An incredible place where nature and the monks who live there are truly in unity. The positive energy force is tremendous throughout the Peninsula. A place where man made machines such as automobiles do not exist to interfere with the sacred sound of chanting, praying and speaking to the plant life that paints the beauty of the peninsula. A place where one can touch the stars at night and appreciate the trails during the day from one monastery to another without intrusion from very day life in the cities we live in.

To be honest, I really gave my experience no special meaning at the time it happened, which by the way is true with most of us in life. When a wonderful and spiritual thing has happened to us,  ~~ unless we are in tune with our spirituality, we may not realize what special event has taken place in our life. Sometimes, reading hearing and seeing something unlocks the memory that has been recorded at any time of our life. The water videos unleashed waves of emotions that brought back the memories of Mount Athos for me.

I had led a tour group to the Holy Land and Greece. As to Greece I took three other males from the group to Mount Athos, (women are not allowed on the peninsula) while the wife's stayed on the mainland, doing their own side tour.

We made a stop at a monastery closer to the sea, called "Simonas Petras" and we were off the next day to one of the higher elevated monasteries up the mountain. As the elevation got higher and higher I was feeling very dizzy, but even more so, parched for water. There was a moment when I thought I was not going to make it. Something I had never experienced before because all my life I was an athlete in incredible good physical condition. I laid on the trail and said a prayer and visualized drinking spring water from the Holy mountain. I am not sure how long I was lying on the ground. It seemed like a lifetime. My companions were very concerned as there were no telephones on the peninsula, let alone anywhere nearby. After all, we were far from civilization, except the next monastery we were walking to. One of my group encouraged me to get up as they believed we were close to our destination where water could be found.

I gathered my senses and started walking. I have no idea how much further I walked but I could see from a distance something like a stream as sun light glittered across the trail we were walking on and I started running to the spot and sure enough there was a small stream of water into which with cuffed hands I brought water to my mouth. My body immediately re-acted as if I were a wind-up toy which came to life when my key was turned. The sensation I experience was sacred as I felt my prayers were answered. I was truly blessed by this water. I literally felt like running the remainder of the way to the monastery.

When I arrived at the monastery with my group I shared my experience with one of the monks as they prepared some lentil soup with bread for us. I was told by this monk that I was blessed because during that time of year there are no steams because there were no rains and consequently there should have not have been  streams running in this area. I gave it no further thought until we left the monastery after spending the night there and when we crossed the area I drank from the spring at, The spring was not there. Again, I did not consider this as significant until I came across these videos on water. 

Was it a miracle? Was I able to communicate with Nature and she responded? Regardless, have seeing these videos I can say that I have had personal experience with the divine element of Water.

So that you might be able relive to a small degree my experience as to the location where this occurred I have provided a link to a video on Mount Athos done by the TV program in the US called "60 minutes". It will leave quite an impression. I suggest, however that you see at least the first video on water. before seeing this video.

Please copy and paste the link below to view an incredible video on Mount Athos: ~~  A side note: I think it is hilarious that there may be a commercial on Viagra placed on a video about celibate monks. Who knows what they were thinking at the time. I realized that various commercials are on a loop for this and other videos from 60 minutes and the Viagra commercial may pop up.;photovideo



  1. Hi Stephen, amazing images and stories! (BTW my blog is dead, it was about politics which I'm not interested in anymore.)


  3. I bow before you felling blessed. Yes, there is so much we do not know about the power of our beautiful nature!

    My you be enveloped by love and light!