Sunday, May 1, 2011


I have said in more than one post that every action performed, every word spoken,  every thought created and feeling experienced is recorded in the sacred halls of the universe. I believe that when we pass over to the spirit world, those records are brought with us and will be recognized.

You can live in the now and today can be the first day of your life.  You have been given the opportunity to create your life movie as you really want it to be.

Your mortality comes from the memories of you. Those who have survived you will sit in the theater of life and see the movie you have made. Will they like it? Will it be a dark movie?  A love story?  A sad story or an inspirational movie?" 

From the time we develop reason as a child we learn that there are choices in Life. Each hour we live, we make choices. 

The following is a video I found in the archives of my favorites at my U-Tube account. What is interesting is that where I was spiritually when I saved it, ~~  I am now at much higher and stronger place in my spirituality and it moves me even more.  Enjoy it and remember you may double click on the video to see it directly on U-Tube to see it on a larger screen.

Grasp the Golden Key of life and open the doors to a beautiful life of Love, Peace and  Oneness with the Ying and the Yang!

 Painting by Benny Anderson

Be well in Love, Light and peace!


  1. Beautiful page. With all the commotion going on about the end of the world I had to do some explaining to my very scared 9 year old. I told her something similar about our afterlife. Thank you very inspirational page.

  2. Thank you for visiting and reflecting on this post. I am blessed by this by your witness of my spirituality!