Friday, May 6, 2011


The creator has gifted us with five senses, all of which have the ability to heal us, some more than others. They are not limited to perform a practical function.  Healing functions may be subtle to some, but to many, whose spirituality is elevated, they are truly sacred. It requires great self awareness to appreciate  them and on the other hand they assist in self awareness.  
In this post I will focus on sound and how it affects our body and soul.

A baby begins to develop hearing at the 16th week of pregnancy. It becomes aware of  the noises this wonderful world has in store for it.

You may have heard that parents will often play music not only in the room of pregnant mother, but will hold a player right on top of the mother's tummy and they feel the reaction of the baby responding to the music. This is commonly done by professional musicians, in hopes that their child will become a musical prodigy. ~~ many cases this has happened.

There is a belief that an infant and adult can have an inclination to seek out what he remembers hearing in the womb which brought comfort to him there. Without a doubt, humans and animals respond to sounds which can cause anxiety such as the sound of a dentist drill  or the sound of nature which is very calming. Animals are trained to a great degree by sound.

Think about it for a second. ~~ there is what is commonly known as "elevator music". How many of us have a fear of being in small enclosed places?   There are many people who have anxiety while in an elevator. If there is music playing more often than not, a subliminal message is sent to your psyche indicating all is well and relax.   (which now days music  seems to be less common, why ~~ I do not know)

Sound is one of the most powerful influences in all life. It creates communication in more ways than one and has a great impact on your health. Sounds of nature relax the heart and slows the heart rate. From the beginning of mankind and animals ~~ from hitting wood together to playing the harp, humans respond to sound and have found that one can gain health, relaxation and raise their  spirituality.

Certain songs and music may take you back in time even to your childhood which is so important for self awareness. 

Music plays a major role in meditation and yoga. 

All churches  have music in some form as well as singing. Some of the most talented singers in the entertainment world came from their church choirs. Gospel singers are very popular among some communities.  

I have attached a video of relaxation with coded sound. I suggest that you hear it with head phones and close your eyes. It is also enhanced with controlled breathing. While this is amazing, I am promoting more the simple experience of how one may lower his heart rate and become more healthy and spiritual.

I surround myself with music at my office, home, car ~~ where unfortunately I am at most of the time traveling for my work.
On my time off, I take walks in woods, botanical gardens and of course, the Ocean nearby. I seek sound and not just any sound, but sound I choose that I know will affect my body and mind in a healing and positive manner and I suggest you do also. Make it a daily activity and you will see how much happier, healthier and at peace you have become.


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