Thursday, July 7, 2011

THE GATHERING ~~ 11. 11. 11.

While it seems like a long way off yet for this event, in fact tickets are quickly disappearing. Over 32,000 have reported to have been sold. If you find yourself anywhere near western Arizona during November this year; near the spiritual setting of Sedona, please make a conservative effort to attend at least one of the 8 days full of spirituality.

For those of you who may not be aware of this phenomena called 11. 11. I have posted a video below. I will ten share with you my personal experience with 11. 11. from a very early age.

The earliest memory the number 11 stood out to me was when I played Little League Baseball at age 7 through 11. While the first year I was given no choice for a "favorite number" to wear on my jersey, 11 was the number assigned to me. That year I had a good year and from that time on, I wore number 11(like a lucky number). I then made my first  trip to Europe, when I was 15 years old. My flight to New York had me in seat number 11 and from New York to Geneva, Switzerland I was seated behind seat 11 as it starred me in the face for thousands air miles. It  started from there. As time went on, 11 had to be a my magical number in life. 

I will not bore you with the seemingly hundreds of coincidences I experienced.  What I will share with you is relative to my near fatal auto accident while traveling from Mexico City to Michoacan in Mexico in March 2008. Earlier in the day in Mexico city I found a movie ticket stub on the ground with the number 11.11. It was something I decided to pick up and put it in my pocket.

My beloved and I then left Mexico City to return to the US with her driving and I sleeping in her car. The left front tire blew and my beloved lost control of the vehicle going about 70 miles per hour and we rolled over a couple of times and landed upside down in the opposite lane of traffic on a county road. I will not go into more details, but after seeing the car I was in, it was hard to believe anyone, especially me as I am so tall, was not killed or paralyzed or comatose from the accident.

I felt an angel had to have been watching over us. Yes, I had serious injury to my head and I had surgery to my head while at the Michoacan Hospital before returning to the US.

During our four days in the hospital I found the 11.11. ticket stub in my pocket. I got the chills as 11.11. was following me. I knew then there was a purpose for me to be still walking this planet.

As the above video reflects. I started to see 11. 11. on all the clocks, watches, etc.  like never before.

Numbers on buildings, events I have attended. Just about every where I go I see 11. 11. 

At one of the events I attended for the Summer Solstice I was sharing this with a friend named Michelle and for the first time I was told told that 11.11. has spiritual significance. Wow! That hit me like a block. 

Among others, my sister has had the same experience! It is good to know I am not alone in this "phenomena".

Here is a link you can copy and paste to your browser for the full details of this blessed event.

If you are considering participation in this event please feel free to call me on my cell. That number is 310-710-7997. That way we can connect while there. I am hoping that I will be given a chance to speak there!

Look out for more posting on this event as we get closer to it! If you have questions and I cannot answer them. I know people who can.

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