Thursday, July 14, 2011


As we bloggers have experienced that when we blog and see responses to what we  have shared, ~~ this can be  most stimulating  for the spirit. We have a made a connection with our fellow human. It awakens the feeling of belonging. It really does not matter what the subject of the blog is. It can be about cooking, fashion design, entertainment business or spirituality, etc.

With today's advancements in technology which has most impacted our lives, I believe that the evolution of communication is at the top of the list. In the last 40 years we have seen information from around the world become instantaneous. Growing up in the 50's and 60's we heard about world news events hours or maybe even a day after they took place. Today we can almost see the events as they happen. With cell phones, which almost every adult and kid has these days you have built in cameras and video recorders. People feel naked when they leave the house without their cell phone. This has had a major impact on our psyche whether we realize it or not! The world has become much smaller because of our ability to communicate across the oceans within seconds as if you were in the same room with that person while you are geographically miles apart.

The personal computer has added a new dimension to our communication. It is the cyber world! While the keyboard has replaced the typewriter, what is significant is, the ability to type away and talk to our hearts content and with the stroke of a key, delete or change the body of the message. ~~ Thus, developing a comfort zone never previously experienced when we communicated with letters and the telephone.

Cyber communication is a double edge sword. Yes, without the cyber world you and I would not be having this communication. You wouldn't even exist in my individual world. The down side is, one may tend to live only in the cyber world and loose that connection with the flesh and bone which makes up the shell of our soul. -- sigh. 

I diverse. Individual cyber relationships is a topic for another post. This will include social websites such as dating sites and Facebook, etc.

Blogging has also become the driving force of great information to the entire world with a key stroke.  Also good for business, etc. A venue made available only a few years ago. 

For me, blogging about spirituality, I am in a small pond whereas blogging about politics, entertainment or sports, you are in the middle of an ocean of bloggers. 

Regardless, I am blessed by those connections I have made through my blog which I started about 8 months ago and going very strong on the subject of Spirituality. For me, it is not about making money from a web site and to this date I have not made a penny. Perhaps later on. My mission is to share the beauty this world has to offer. That we save our planet and be good people. To share the energy of oneness and love and peace. I have traveled much and seen much. I have read and preached much on my topic I write about and I am very sincere about it.

I do believe that for the most part blogging is a very positive experience for our psyche. It can make one feel he is more part of society when in his daily life he maybe introverted and does not come into contact physically with people.  When people are referred to your blog, you feel that you have contributed to society. 

So, blog on my fellow Bloggers! May you be heard, inspiring and informative about that which you are passionate.

I am taking this opportunity to thank all who have visited my blog from the bottom of my heart! I feel blessed by the feedback I have received and encouragement to turn my blog into a book.

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  1. Dear Stephen, we are the ones that we have to thank you for trying to spread love and unity in the world and for your beautiful Blog with the valuable and educational posts. We are blessed to have you in our lives.
    Thank you for who you are, and all that you do!!!
    God Bless You!