Friday, July 29, 2011


I strongly believe that our ego can be the biggest menace in our life which can affect our heart. It has the power to open and close it. We live a life full of choices and desires. They arrive seemly in a split second and then disappear whether they are fulfilled or not.

Our desires are what defines who we are and the Ego in us is like a bandit who stalks our psyche and disrupts our train of life and seemly  derails our journey and we experience emptiness. This causes confusion and creates a powerful spiritual storm that that may take you anywhere but the depot of your destination.

I have always said:

~~ "To know myself and strive to be a better  person"~~

~~ Stephen Hill ~~

To understand one's ego, one must acknowledge the shadows which we have and will follow you until the day when your energy leaves this realm. Denial of your shadows will only feed that bandit which can rob you of your dreams and desires.  Those shadows may be dark or light.

In meditation and prayer one can achieve self-awareness. Slow the train of life and allow you to review the stations of life you have visited.  At some stations you have stopped at, you may cry from some memory of good or bad events. Some stations may involve people you were introduced to, who left your life. Words, events visuals of people can remind you how blessed you were.  Re-introduce yourself to you. Embrace who you have become from the Choices and desires of your past. This will also allow you to live in the "NOW". Acknowledge and leave your past collections of choices and desires. Today is the first day of your life!

Note that our desires create who we are. Desire material treasures  you will be materialistic. You desire spiritual treasures you will be spiritual. If you desire love you must first love yourself. Sever your ego from your psyche. To truly love, is to let go of your ego. Do not allow it to control the door to your heart.  If there is any priority in our desires, make it love.  Choose  all forms of love. Know that this attribute, called  love will be challenged severely, as the Ego still needs fulfillment. Do not feed it or we have the failed relationships in our society, all over the world.  

May our choices and desires in life make the twilight of our ride on the train of life a smooth, happy, and spiritual one. When we see the depot of our final destination may our tears be among friends and family. As we hear and feel the tracts under us, our energy seems magical as though we are floating in air. We feel peace and tranquility. We feel that the Great Spirit is waiting with open arms of love. We see the light of unity with all living creatures we shared the air and fruits from mother earth. We are ready!    

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