Thursday, August 4, 2011


If you think you have challenges in life, wait and see what Nick Vujicic has to wake up to each morning. Many of you who are associated with spirituality and and inspiration probably have seen this video.

We complain about the things we do not have instead of being thankful of the things we do have. This has become an epidemic in the humans. As previous posts I have made, I make it clear that you do not see animals walking around with any consciousness  of the way they look or what they have or do not have. Whether it is with  two hind legs or four legs. They have no ego and find a way to makes things happen. 

I have preached many times here that our ego can be our worst enemy. While our spirit looks for ways to overcome certain disabilities, our ego tells us it cannot be done. The world may tell you that you cannot do this or that.  Ignore your ego and conquer the world because it is wrong! 
I believed that I had posted on Nick Vujicic in one of the first posts I made here on this blog. For whatever reason I can no longer find it in my blog when a member asked for it.If I did, and missed it, then this is surely one post you can see multiple times and never get tired seeing these inspirational videos below:  

May I suggest that you view these directly on YouTube!

After you see this, ask yourself  ~~ do I really have any excuse for not accomplishing what I want in my life time. There is  absolutely nothing that can stop you from doing what you want. You may have to compensate for certain  disabilities,  but who cares how it gets done as long as it gets done!

Please be reminded that life is your Garden and you can reap what you sow. So ~~  let's all sow roses full of faith and strength for not only us but to inspire others. 

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