Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am very pleased to announce that Mr. Scott Love, Project Coordinator for this event, has informed me that I will be speaking. The day and time has yet to be determined. I will be sharing much of what you have read in this blog, personal experiences and instruction as to finding one's self through meditation and prayer. 

As the event approaches, there will be updated information with speakers and performers in music, dance and song.

I have once again provided you with a link to view the event and possibly participate.

May I suggest that you copy and paste instead of trying to open the link directly. That way you will have multiple choices and not re-directed to the site which is being updated and because of changes, may not be available at the time you visit.
I hope some of you can come. I would love to meet you and and share in the beauty of humanity and Nature as one!

Again, if you are coming, please contact me so we can plan to meet at this event

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