Monday, August 29, 2011


Have you heard of the expression ~~ "you are what you eat"? Well ~~ you are also what you think! "How you are perceived maybe your reputation.  Who you really are is your character."
 ~~Quote by John Wooden~~

Your spiritual health comes from your heart and mind! Do not feed your spirit and soul with fast food which may be a short visit to your church or temple just to make an appearance to be seen and leave. Or as I call it, going through the motions without feeling. 

The most spiritual nutrition you can give to you spirit is love for yourself.  Feel good about yourself. If you have low self-esteem and you cannot even like yourself, you will be irritated by the smallest of things. You feel empty, you live in the past instead of living in the NOW. You tend to agree with negative attitudes, if for no other reason, but to move on in life with no hope.

The bottom line is: you have full control over  your spirit and body. It is you who decides to go to the buffet line and eat everything in sight, with no regard for health. It is you who decides to pass the "Home Town Buffet" and go to the gym to exercise and burn the calories instead of adding to your already caloric body.

When you body feels well, your mind and spirit also feel well!

Take walks among nature and reconnect with her beauty. When you surround yourself with beauty, you become beautiful. Take time to relax with meditation. Please know that meditation does not have to take place in a Yoga posture! Just sitting on a rock at a shore line in silence, allowing the music of the waves to soothe your spirit will leave you felling rejuvenated and your spiritual batteries will be recharged to meet your daily challenges.

Soon the small things of life are appreciated and  you seem to find purpose in life. Your attitude becomes contagious to those around you and people want to stay around you. Consequently you feel wanted and valuable. If You love yourself, you cannot wait to share yourself with the world.

I sometimes just sit under a tree in a park and feel the connection with a tree and the unity with mother Earth. I feel her light and energy. This can be done at a local park. No need to purchase a yoga mat and sitting in a room with a Yoga instructor. While that is OK, it is not necessary.

With meditation one can find himself in the road of life and accepts his shadows of the past and become a stronger, loving human!

Be well in Light and Peace!

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