Thursday, August 11, 2011


More than 12 million are facing starvation, and children are particularly vulnerable. The crisis is likely to spread across the country and into parts of Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, the U.N. says.

About 900,000 have been taken out of Somalia, often leaving dead children on the way, hoping to find food in neighboring countries. An additional 1.5 million people have fled drought-ridden areas of Somalia for other parts of the war-torn nation.

In a country where there has been no peace within it's own government for decades now faces drought and Starvation. War has caused such negative energy and consequential catastrophes in Somalia. A country where light has not existed in years. All humanity deserves  the gifts of the creator which are the fruits of Mother Earth. 

When will man realize that you cannot own and rule land with weapons or otherwise. It is loaned to us by our children. Our true treasures are heavenly and cannot be seen. Those which can be seen are temporary  and shared by all. 

What darkness is this ~~ the man who carries the machine gun has plenty to eat and drink.

Let us say a prayer for our fellow humans in Somalia:

O lord, Great Spirit and creator of all things:
We solicit  your grace for your people in Somalia who have been deprived of your gifts of nutrition from Mother Earth. We ask that you penetrate the darkness so strength and knowledge may come to your faithful, that they may recover and in turn help others who are in need and not so fortunate. We are humbly grateful for what we do have.



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