Sunday, August 14, 2011


Happiness can be a reflection of treasures we Cherish in our spiritual treasure chest in life. What makes you happy in this life can reveal who you are and what you are all about. I feel compelled to distinguish happiness that comes from some another human's misfortune vs. happiness that contributes to the good of mankind. It is this emotion that we can promote! 

Know that happiness is a branch of the same tree of  gratitude. Happiness can be created by unseen sources which we can promote. Being happy is a very powerful medicine for your soul and spirit as well for those around you. How many times have you smiled or were happy and the people surrounding you responded with positive energy? 

Please click on the link below for  a beautiful video on happiness produced by Simple Truths:

When you are down and it seems that there may be no light at the end of the tunnel as I am going through this very minute I still have so many reasons to be happy and grateful! You too can find that happiness and shine to all around you! Share the happiness!

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  1. I am posting this comment for a dear friend friend and follower here who was not able to access the comment box. This appears to be a common complaint that needs to be resolved with Google.

    Here is the comment:

    Happiness is within... every breath... appreciating this life we've been given ... and yes sharing this joy ultimately brings healing allowing our soul, our spirit, our consciousness to transform into our higher self.Becoming one with the Divine within.
    Thank you Stephen for sharing this beautiful movie and for all your inspiration and guidance.

    Blessings be Yours, Peace and Light always, rosemary