Friday, October 7, 2011


There is a movie currently circulating in the entertainment world called "THE HELP". I rarely demonstrate a point of spirituality by using a movie on the subject. This one could not have made my point any more clear. 

So many social issues including but not limited to Racism were addressed in the movie. The movie portrayed society in the1960's in Jackson Mississippi in the deep south of America where the US had some of its darkness moments in inhumanity.  There  were African American leaders who led marches bringing into the open  issues of  civil rights including but not limited to racism. While slavery was abolished, the south, primarily was doing a legal form of slavery, using African American women to clean their houses and watch their children. All for a few cents a day.

While the "help" watched after the children of their Employers (Masters, if you will) their own children were either watched by someone else or the siblings would just take care of each other. The mother being deprived of her own children growing up. Many times the "help" raised the children of her employer  who would develop more of a mother-child bond with the help than with the birth mother. The children saw the "help" as their role model and the love relationship was much deeper than that with the birth mother. In spite of the cruel and disrespectful treatment the "help" had to deal with, their love for the Innocent  children  never wavered. 

The following is a poem I wrote which was inspired by this movie:


I may eat in the kitchen, but I still bleed red
I may not use the facilities in doors, but I still bleed red
I may not be the mother of the child I hold, but I still love him as my own
I may work long hours preparing life for others, but I still have children I gave birth to waiting at the door for me at the end of my day.
I may be called something I am not, but they cannot hurt who I am inside.
I may wear an apron and worn out shoes but inside, I wear the clothing of a free human.
I may be called a slave, but I my heart and soul are free as I love everyone.
Today, I may be in shackles, but tomorrow I will eat in the dining room and look in the mirror in the facilities. Their children will have grown ~~ then they will see my beauty and we will share tears together as free fellow humans inside and out.
 ~Stephen Hill~

The following is a short clip from the movie to enunciate my point of Love without prejudice.  I encourage you to see the movie or rent the DVD when it comes out. I did not insert a full length trailer. I do have and entertainment group where I do movie reviews on but that has a different purpose than what I am doing here.

When will we all realize we are one people and accept the love each of us has inside us? Please consider going out of your way to be kind and generous with your love to all! It will be a better place to live when we do!

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