Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In the sea of life there are many waves that bring challenges during our journey. May we believe in the power of prayer, that the beacon of light shows us the way through the storms so we may arrive to our final destination in light, love and peace!

A good friend from care2.com whom I have known for years  and who visits this blog has requested a prayer for her fiance who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Below is an excerpt from her message to me:

We just found out he has cancer.  non operable.  I am checking into UCLA and also the City of Hope for getting the best treatment possible.  He lives in Oregon.  But he is here with me now so he can be shown what they have available here in the big city.  Small town Oregon place is not to my liking. 

Please say a prayer for him.  His name is Bill, "Butch" to me and all who know him from years ago.  He was in the air force for 23 years and worked at Chevron oil refinery for 14 years where there was toxic stuff there as well.  He was in Vietnam as well.  To boot, he has smoked for too many years.  Now he has lung cancer and it metastasized and went to his lymph nodes. 

Tis overwhelming and yet I am being strong and trying to get him the best of the best treatments and see if there is anything they can do to help him.

I only told you of all my friends here....cause of your spirituality and heart.

I hope all is well with you and your loved one.

Namaste and a big hug

Jandi *rose*

May we pray:

O lord, creator of all things on Earth. We petition your grace and light  for Butch, who is one of your children who loves you and your gift of life. We petition your all great healing energy for Butch ~~  and for those who love him, ~~ the  strength and enlightenment  to see this trial and tribulation to its end, according to your will. We humbly thank you for the gifts you have bestowed us in this life.


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