Monday, November 14, 2011


I have just returned from Sedona where I spent a week and spoke on topics of spirituality. This was the most enhanced vibrational frequency I have ever experienced. It also contributed to my consciousness, ~~  the need for world awakening. The year of 11-11 is the year of awakening and  preparation for 2012 and all the changes which will happen to Mother Giai and all living things on this planet with which we are one.

While I was in Sedona I learned better to release my energy to my fellow two legged, four legged and winged family. Hugging was the main activity of the day. As one of my previous posts shared with you, the touch from another magnifies the energy as one gets goose bumps and the hair stands on  your body. PURE ENERGY! 

I have come to the conclusion that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the answer to save the planet and all living creatures which share the air we breath.

Please view the video below:

As the week progressed I was hugging everyone who was in sight, (within the group of coarse, not that I did not want to hug the people in the streets). It is just that some humans have inhibitions which can block the actions of love. Especially unconditional love. If we want to save  Mother Giai we need to open the chakra of our heart.

Symbols of which are Green & Rose Pink: Love, Harmony, Healing, Divine Love, Compassion. 

The chant of OHM in meditation can open the heart chakra as oneness healing. If we could get the message to the world that LOVE heals, regardless of race, creed and language, the universal language of love will overcome our differences and we can be one with all!

Below are photos taken from the 11-11-11 ceremony of me with a Native who performed the ceremony and a very spiritual dog:

May we all exercise unconditional love for the sake of all humanity and living things on Mother Giai. This is my wish, this is my dream, this is what I live for. I know this from my last near death accident. I have been saved for this purpose!


  1. What a beautiful site you have! Your Spirit SHINES through :) And yes! Unconditional LOVE IS THE ANSWER! and not just to world peace, but I believe it is the only thing that truly exists, it IS the Divinity of God :)

  2. Alane, you and all who visit create a reflection of my site with energy, love and peace.