Saturday, November 19, 2011


It can be difficult to explain various forms of spirituality such as energy until we see the result of that form. In my last pilgrimage to Sedona in Arizona  USA I gave three presentations. Before each presentation  I walked up to some attendees and  held both hands and looked into their souls though their eyes. I then ask for the name given to them, where they were from, and why they came to Sedona. As this was happening the hair on my arms stood straight up! The energy was so high! I then pronounced "this is pure energy". Energy is not a concept, it is real and it is within our reach if we only allow it to. One participant started crying as she was overwhelmed by the moment.

Just as we can do this with all of humanity and the living creatures on this planet WE CAN DO THIS WITH MOTHER EARTH-GIAI. Mother Earth is alive. There are still places on her skirt that are more healthy then others. Sedona, Arizona is one of them. Others that come to mind are: Machu Picchu in Peru, Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, Mount Everest near the Nepal and Tibet, Mexico and many more. 

In Sedona, the first thing that hits the soul deeply are the sandstone formations of many colors with red standing out the most. Then you have forests of Juniper and Cypress trees along with brush unique to the area. The magnetism and electricity in the area are incredible. The mineral composition of the red rocks creates a magnetism that has an impact on people. 

The first person who used the term Vortex as to the connection of energy with Mother Earth was Paige Bryant, a Spiritual Channel in 1980. 

The best way I can define the affects of a Vortex is an AMPLIFIER of the energy you bring to the area, regardless of the source of that energy, regardless the vibrational frequencies you bring with you.  It is like in music you have speakers and then an amplifier which magnifies that sound. What music you play is amplified. Whatever you  bring to a vortex area it can be amplified , good or bad. You bring negativity, you get amplified negativity. You bring positive energy you get positive energy.

Scientifically speaking there is evidence that people seem to be responding to subtle energies. Alternative healers might call this energy "CHI" and to what mystics might call "LIFE FORCE".

In a book written by Dennis Andres he writes a ritual Exercise which can be practiced at a Vortex where the elements exist in harmony.

Ritual Exercise

"Begin by turning to face East. With arms opened wide, sense the movement of the air, and call upon the Wind. Take a deep breath and feel the love of the air. Realize that it flows like the breath within you.

Turn one quarter to the right to face the South, and call upon the Light or the fire. Sense the warmth of the sun on your body. Let it activate the heart, the life force within you.

Next, turn to the West, calling upon the Water. Recall the water that once flowed here and comes again with the summer rains. Realize that it flows like the bloodstream within you.

Then turn to the North, calling upon the energy of the Land. Imagine as if the love of the Earth were moving from the ground up through your body to touch your heart. Become aware that the minerals of this land are very much like those of your own flesh and bone.

More than you have ever before, know that you are indeed one with the elements"

Extracted from a book written by Dennis Anders on Vortexes

Never in our lifetime has there been such a grave need for humanity to become one with Mother Earth and all things living on this planet.

Allow yourself time everyday to at least say a short prayer for peace, unity and love for all


  1. Peace and light Stephen!
    Nice to know people like you!
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you Luz, it is a blessing we mirror each other!