Saturday, December 24, 2011


With Christmas knocking at our door and Hanukkah coming to an end lets contemplate on  the gift giving experience.

The act of giving and receiving gifts is one of the most powerful gestures humans can experience. To share with your fellow human is indeed an act of love, compassion and caring. All branches from the same tree of life.

It is as important to receive as it is to give. For ~~ without a receiver, there would be no giver. Creating such opportunities is an important task we are born with. It is part of our spiritual  progression. Refusing gifts offered denies your fellow human the pleasure of giving. 

There is a chemistry change  which  takes place in the body when there is an exchange of gifts and feelings take place. One that stimulates the senses. Your emotions are tickled, you may cry, you feel love and your spirit is elevated. 

Blessed are those who  experience this moment in life.

The greatest gifts we have received and continue to receive are Life and Health! Gifts that come from our Creator. Each morning we wake up, we can be grateful as we would say "thank you" to your fellow human. Acknowledging the gifts from our creator creates appreciation which is so important in our spiritual growth.  

While sharing with life on this planet there are some gifts far more powerful the others. They are the gifts unseen, but felt. They are Love, Compassion, Laughter, Smiles, Memories of our Families and Friends passed on to the after life. Nothing can and never will be more important then the gifts which are felt and not seen.

Gifts of worldly possessions can be impacting , but, the gratification is limited and temporary. You cannot take them with you when you pass on " into the West"  as Annie Lennox once called it in a song of the same title.

This year, ~~ now I am another year older and wiser. I am contacting all my friends and family to share the gift of love. I have just called my son who lives in Greece to give the gift of love. 

Yesterday on the golf coarse I gave a "Christmas hug" as my gift after over ten years of sharing the 18 challenging holes at different golf  coarses in Southern California. He was taken back with the hug as he is very reserved. Before, each Christmas we gave trinkets of golf  gifts. I am sure the hug will follow him to the next life. I do not know that I will be alive to see even the sunset today. I do know I am blessed to be alive this moment sharing my love with you which I will take me wherever I go.

Please give the gift of love and compassion to your family and friends. Hug your pets, call all  or email all whom you will not see in the next couple of days, ~~ those who maybe you broke a connection with.  Re-connect and share your love. This will make your holidays so much more meaningful. 

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

Quote by Winstin Churchhill

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life."

 Unknown author

Happy Holidays to all!



  1. Giving, as you say is very important - especially giving of our love. But - you touched upon the idea that learning to receive is also a valuable lesson in life. Our Creator can only give to us and we must be able to receive from Him/Her/It. Giving thanks and appreciation for all the things that we have - such as being able to breath - shows Our Creator that His/Her/It's gift to us was well received and we all know that if someone appreciates what was given to them, the Giver will probably keep on giving

  2. Bravo! What blessing to have a mirror! Thank you so much for sharing!


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