Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Resolutions can be a reflection of who we believe we  are inside and how we perceive ourselves. The concept of promises we make usually are ways we believe can improve the quality of our life. It is usually a mark we make as a new beginning.   New Years is a popular time for new beginnings. It is interesting that we create a starting point to get motivated. In some cases we attempt to erase the old and begin with the new. 

The process of self improvement can take place every day we wake up, first thing in the morning. This can be done in a form of meditation or just acknowledging who we are and how we can be a better human. 

Here are some resolutions which are spiritually base:

First and foremost I want to be able to wake up each day to be grateful for my life and health and by doing so ~~ respect both my body and soul. I am worthy of such gifts.

This year I am forgiving those whom I have loved and who have hurt me the most. The Creator knows how much pain I have experienced in my life. This needs to be done so my soul is set free! Often when we are holding on to a negative energy we bind the spirit and soul.

I will vow to take time each day to introspect myself and be aware of all my shadows of the past,  ~~ good and bad. This awareness can  allow me to choose the right path of beauty, love and compassion. 

I want to take better care of the carrier of my soul. One has said many times, treat your body as it is a temple. Take a few minutes or more each day to feed my body better with nutrition and exercise. 

Then there are "goals" we set for our life. What comes to mind is the movie "The bucket List" staring  Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  ~~ A great movie! Both were diagnosed with terminal cancer. They made a "wish list" of things they wanted to do and places in the world they wanted to visit before they die.

I have known since childhood that I will go to the Serengeti and visit our large extended family, the elephants, giraffes, etc. ~~ Not in a zoo, outside their natural habitat, ~~ in their home.

I then want to climb Kilimanjaro. The last mountain I climbed was Mount Athos in Greece ~~ The Holy Mountain where I experienced  one of my miracles.

My New Years prayer for you!

Oh Creator of all things who provides the breath of life, ~~ may we humans with all living things on Mother Gaia  continue to experience the warmth of your embraces when we are challenged in this lifetime. Continue to bless us with your light so we may walk the path of truth, love, peace and harmony. May we be given many opportunities to share with those who have less. We are grateful for the opportunity to experience love  with all who share the breath of life.

Amen --Aho

 Image from Ryivhnn

May we all dance as Mother Gaia is with father time above. 

I vow to love all of you unconditionally now and forever!


  1. BEAUTIFUL … !!!!!
    Thank you Stephen for this wonderful
    Blog and all that you do for us!!!
    God Bless you!

  2. Without beautiful humans like yourself we would not have opportunity to share!!

    You bless me