Thursday, January 5, 2012


As a follow up to my previous post on "the 10 commandments of Mother Earth" I give you the Native American elders meditation on the subject, with focus on life and  nature in the forests.

The following "Elder's meditation" comes from my dear Native American friend, Tall deer,  who is the owner of a group called "Cherokee Place of Peace" on

Elder's Meditation of the Day 

"When you are in the woods, you cannot ever be lost. You are surrounded by friends and surrounded by God."

--Joe Coyhis,

Every plant, every animal, every insect, every bird, every tree is made up of God. God is life and everything is alive. When you are hunting, remember all nature is your friend. All nature has purpose. All nature participates in the life cycle. Nature communicates; Nature talks; Nature listens; Nature forgives; Nature respects; Nature loves. Nature lives in harmony. Nature follows the law. Nature is kind. Nature is balance. The woods are alive and beautiful. She is our friend.
Great Spirit, let me honor and respect the forest and all the life it contains.

Treat all life as though it is part of your family. Remember we share the same DNA with Mother Nature.

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