Thursday, March 22, 2012

~ ~~ PAIN ~~~ BODY~~~ SPIRIT~~~ SOUL~~

Have you heard of the saying as a kids growing up "sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me."?  In elementary school it was a common place to call people names, perhaps because of the way they look, talk or dress. Kids can be brutal when it comes to certain perceived prejudges. If someone appears over weight, kids might call them "fatso" or Miss Piggy, "four eyes" if they wear glasses, etc. etc. 

Truth be known, we were all hurt by malicious spear like words  which  may not have penetrated the flesh, but certainly could affect the spirit. At that age we were not equipped with spiritual defense mechanisms or experienced enough to create perceptions of good and bad, dark vs. light energy. Most of us would simply brush the words under the door step mat of our spirit and ignore it.~~ Only to have it surface in our future when certain events that are experienced bring us back to these dark memories ~~ at times  when have more life experiences under our spiritual belt.  
This brings us to the question of Body, Spirit and soul and their roles in our existence. “What is the difference between the body, spirit and soul in a human being?” In Greek, Soul is Psyche and Spirit is Pnevma, "breath of life". Body is Soma. Thus~~ it insinuates that their participation in this journey we are on in this realm have different functions. Allow me to break it down simply as possible:

It is through the corporal body that man comes into contact with the material world. Therefore, we may label the body as that part which gives us world-consciousness. The soul comprises the intellect which aids us in the present state of existence and the emotions which proceed from the senses. Since the soul belongs to man’s own self and reveals his personality, It can be described as the part of self-consciousness

The spirit is that part by which we commune with the creator and by which alone we are able to apprehend and worship Him. Because it tells us of our relationship with the creator, the spirit is called the element of Creator-consciousness. The Creator dwells in the spirit, self dwells in the soul, while senses dwell in the body. The spirit is the noblest part of man and occupies the innermost area of his being. 

"The body is the outer shelter of the soul, while the soul is the outer sheath of the spirit".  
  Unknown who made this quote.
While the soul does not experience pain or fear, the spirit attempts to deal with that which is perceived to be negative and harmful. Perception comes from life lessons and experiences for the most part. Perception does not always reflect reality,~~ regardless, it seems real because it does feel pain. This is not physical pain to the body, but emotional pain to the spirit. Self-awareness is extremely important so that the spirit can prepare the sightless  eye to see through the emotional challenges that come with everyday life. 

At this moment during the preparation of this blog it is March 20, 2012 at 7:30 PM. Today is the fourth anniversary of my  rollover accident in Mexico. It is ironic that it is also the first day of spring, symbolic of new beginnings. I believe my survival was my rebirth. 

My body was brutally beaten and I experienced unforgettable pain  I have a huge scar from plastic surgery to my head. With all of this my spirit was pain free and up lifting and of course my soul was untouched.
I am a firm believer that the state of my self-awareness and awakening played a huge role in my calm and tranquility from this event. I actually was thankful for the experience as it was definitely  a wake up call to walk the path of love and light for all of life on this planet. I now believe I was meant to live and share with the world what I have.

Allow me to summarize my personal experience as to pain in this instance:

Because I was already progressed in the path of light and awakening, my spirit was not affected  by the pain my body was experiencing.   

My soul, which already knows my future path in this realm here on Earth, protected my spirit from the suffering of the pain I experienced. A pain that lasted  in my body over a year without the aid of a medical doctor.(my head of coarse had plastic surgery, but no soft tissue treatments for the rest of my body). Instead of entering into a state of depression and saying "poor unlucky me" I transformed the experience into a blessing. I am here for all life on this planet and Mother Earth. Peace and unity in light is what my lifetime agenda is.

The Lesson?

In any method you choose, strive for your awakening, so that pain to the body does not have to affect your spirit. It is just as important to exercise your spirit as you would your body. Every day meditate, read, listen to inspirational music, walk with nature, feel the oneness with the world. If you can find this inspiration in a temple, church, mosque, etc. then go the your place of worship. I attend church every minute of every day as I walk on my church, Mother Earth. 

When I deal with the public in my profession, I deal with a great deal of negativity. I have been called all kinds of names by plaintiffs' attorneys, claimants, witnesses and Insured's and no one interprets the peace within me.

Remember, Spiritual pain is emotional pain and is much more difficult to relieve than physical pain. 

Be well in Love, Peace and Light


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