Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The following "Elder's meditation" comes from my dear Native American friend, Tall deer,  who is the owner of a group called "Cherokee Place of Peace" on

Elder's Meditation of the Day 

"Nature is the storehouse of potential life of future generations and is sacred." --
Audrey Shenandoah, ONONDAGA
We need to honor and respect our Mother Earth. She is the source of all life. The sun shines life to the earth, then the earth produces life in all forms and in a balanced way. Everything is here to serve everything else. If we interrupt the flow in any way, we leave nothing for the future generations. Before every decision is made, we should ask, and answer, a final question; "If we do this, what will be the effects on the seventh generation? What will we cause our children to live with?" We need to have respect and love for all things and for all people. We need to do this for ourselves and for all the children still unborn.

"My Creator, let me look at nature today and let me have the highest respect for all the things I see. All the two legged, the four legged, the winged ones, the plants, the water, the air, the Mother Earth. Let me have respect for myself."

One of the simplest obligations we have in our daily life is to respect all living things on Mother Earth, including Mother Earth! Your every day encounter with your fellow human can begin with a simple smile. Do you know that a smile opens the spirit of another? It signifies equality, acceptance and above all respect regardless of race, color or creed. How often do you get a frown  in return or do you feel negative energy from that person when you smile? If he is in a terrible mood, the smile can be uplifting for him. If he is in a good mood, you have a connection of positive energy. You cannot loose by spreading love, light and respect to all you come into contact with.

Always plant a spiritual seed of love and light with all you come into contact with. 

In this season of spring, allow your connection with Mother Earth to inspire in you new beginnings.

Love and Light to you!

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