Monday, April 2, 2012


My recent trip to Disneyland with my two grown daughters inspired this post.

When one hears the name "Disney" the first thing that may come to mind is a multi-billion dollar empire. The poster child for American Capitalism. That would be true and every day we are reminded of it on Television and the movie theaters.

I grew-up living near Disneyland in southern California and watched Disneyland grow bigger and bigger and changed with the technology of the times. Yes, it is disappointing to see entrance fees go from $8.00 to now $60.00 or more if you go to both parks in Southern California ~~Disneyland and California Adventure Land.

Let's consider the man who gave birth to the well known "Magic Kingdom". 

From a very young age Walt Disney drew pictures of people and animals while in High School and progressed with cartoons. He seem to be in tune with animals and humans. He loved the movies and entered the motion picture business in animation with his cartoons. He loved drawing animals which give him much of his inspiration. In his early years he grew up on a farm where he would draw farm animals, etc. He loved the steam trains which he used often to go cross country. 

It was while he would take his two girls to theme parks around the world when he decided to create his own theme park based on his travels. For instance, The Matterhorn at Disneyland is a replica of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. In Copenhagen, the Tivoli  Gardens inspired Disney with a number of various rides. Disney owned his own steam engine train in his back yard  on the farm. Naturally he put a steam engine train at his Disneylands all over the world.

I did not want to write a history lesson, so now here is my thought and observation on this subject:

Most if not all Disney animated and "human" movies have a Villain  and a hero or heroin in them where the "good Guy" is victorious and a lesson of life is learned.  From "Snow White and the seven Dwarfs", "Little Mermaid"  to Peter Pan and a total of 655 movies and still counting. Movies based on true stories of triumph.  Movies that show the spirit over coming incredible odds to achieve a meaningful goal in life. Feel good movies. 

Since the 1950's to now, we as kids cannot wait to share with our own kids the joy one experiences at Disneyland. Our kids are taking their children to Disneyland and the tradition will continue for generations to come if our planet allows it. Producing such a positive energy cannot help to be contagious. Disneylands have opened around the world. 

Disney knew how to touch the hearts of children and adults. Think about it for a second, Disney makes the animals talk and children love to talk to the animals and do in everyday life, not just kids,  ~~ but adults too. This teaches kids that animals are as important as humans in our life. That they are a part of our family on this planet.

Speaking of our planet, Disney and the BBC have made so many incredible movies about our Mother Earth and animals who share the air we breathe. Disney was spiritual and it does not matter what religion he followed. His church might as well have been his ink, pen and drawing board, preaching good over evil, animals treated  as family members, and allowing your spirit to overcome life's challenges. 

Mr. Disney, I am sitting in the front pew in your church of  unity of all living things along with Jiminy Cricket and the birds from the Tiki room.

The following video is one of thousands of wonderful and heart wrenching Disney videos on the subject of LOVE.

I will continue to be the child in me. Ask my kids, ~~ they used to think I was Goofy. (not the real Goofy of course) Now they at least tolerate it and embrace the moment. I still shed a tear or too when I see many of the events such as light shows, etc. at Disneyland. It is one of the most memorable and impressionable places on earth for our children. My oldest daughter dreams about being at Disneyland when attending San Antonio University working on her PHD. She never misses an opportunity when she comes to visit to go to the Magic Kingdom.

Thank you Walt Disney for changing the world and trying to make it a better place to live!

Love and Light to all!    


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