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 Earth Hall image in the temple

I also want to give credit to one of our followers for  this post, Stella, from Australia for bringing this series to my attention.

I have been inspired to make this post by the BBC production  of  "80 Faiths around the world". I have viewed many of the videos and will post some of them  over time. They are fascinating. You may not believe what some humans have invested in their belief system. There are so many unconventional belief systems, you will be amazed.  The host is Peter Owen Jones, a Vicar from the English Church.

I have started this series with The Temples of Humankind, also called Damanhur Temples after the ancient Egyptian temple Damanhur  which is a huge subterranean structure. It has  a series of underground temples. Today it is surrounded by a sort of esoteric community of the Damanhurians, with vineyards, farms, and bakeries. The infrastructure includes organic supermarkets, schools, even an university. And many of the people live in award-winning Eco homes.This is a movement inspired by Oberto Airaudi who, claimed to have visions of ancient temples at age 10 from a previous life. He  began excavation and building in August 1978. By profession he was an Insurance broker.  

The Temples are located in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy, 30 miles From Turin, in the valley of Valchiuella. They are as far underground as 100 feet. There are seven halls in the temple traditionally as follows:

Hall of Water – dedicated to the feminine principle, it is in the shape of a chalice and invites receptivity  

Blue Hall – for meditation on social matters and is used as a place of inspiration and reflection

Hall of Earth – dedicated to the masculine principle, to the earth as an element and planet and to past and future reincarnations  

Hall of Metals – represents the different ages and developmental stages of humankind and the shadow elements of the human psyche  

Labyrinth Hall – showing Interfaith worship through the centuries, uniting different cultures and peoples. 

 Hall of Spheres – positioned where 3 syn-chronic lines merge, inviting planetary contact and transmission of messages, ideas and dreams to create harmony between nations 

Hall of Mirrors – dedicated to the sky, air and light, solar energy, strength and life. There are 4 altars to earth, water, air and fire. These halls represent the inner space of the human being.

The basis of this spirituality that has been reported to be is Harmony with all living things on this planet. Having said that, ~~ there are those who believe that this community believes in Time Travel. Some say this is nothing more than a cult, practicing mind control, ~~ that their social behavior is questionable. 

What I appreciate from this faith is not just the concept of Harmony, but that all living things on this planet have a special energy. In this video you will see the plants create music and respond to human emotions. In the video you will be amazed to hear this music or at least be reminded that plants do make sounds.

Below is one of many videos on the subject of 80 faiths around the world. This is one is dedicated to the subject of Damanhurian Philosophy and Theology.

Learning and acknowledging other human's belief  system offers the opportunity to unite as one. We do not have to practice their system, just respect it and work towards oneness.

You can see other videos linked to this video on 80 faiths in around the world.This will give you more background on Peter Owen and his quest over the year of his research.

"We should believe what we want to believe ~~ As long as you do not hurt others".

~~Quote by Peter Owen Jones~~

 Be well in spirit and body! In Love and Light!


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