Monday, May 28, 2012


 Images of The burning man celebration

I have heard of this community Linked to the "The Burning man Festival" and was curious about it's origins. Is this an occult? ~~ A religion or just a group of people sharing ideas (not necessarily spiritual). I see it as a celebration of the freedom of expression. Not sharing with all religions "The Golden Rule." Therefore, in my eyes it does not qualify as a religion.

This community has it's beginnings in 1986  at the Summer Solstice when a Larry Harvey and a group of friends met in San Fransisco who came together to enhance the annual tradition of burning a bonfire on this day. In ancient times the purpose was to protect against evil spirits which were free to roam the world as the sun was turning southwards again.  It has evolved into this community which travels around the world. The Burning Man Festival  is symbolic of a  man leaving his old self.  I guess one can say being re-born in life. Being a different human. Burning all the negative from the past. 

They have extracted this from ancient religions, ~~  the idea that fire purifies all. On the surface this celebration appears more like a hedonistic experience than a spiritual experience. Their goal is to create positive energy not only for the US but for the world. 

In calling someone religious, ~~ one may not be referring to a Spiritual person or a person believing in God or a higher source. One can be "religious" in his regiment of health. Someone dedicated to a belief system, not necessarily having anything to do with spirituality. 

It is true that North America has created so many more "religions" and most of them are created to fit their founder's "divine plan". Unfortunately some are purely for financial reasons. 

Yes it is true that fast food has entered the world of religions. Example: There are two fast food chains who print bible passages on their soft drink cup. Who does this? Below are links to this article. You may find this very interesting. It is worth reading this article.

Below is a video from the BBC program "Around the world in 80 faiths". 

I love the quote: North America has the most religious people in the world and yet the least spiritual people in the world.
~Quote by Peter Owen Jones~~

What a true and insightful statement this is.

Remain strong in your spirituality and remember the Golden Rule which all authentic  religions share : Do unto others that you would have do unto you. ~~~ etc. etc.

Stay firm in you path of Spirituality, ~~ in Love and Light!

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