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First, allow me to make it clear that anyone who is spiritual would consider  killing life for a sacrifice to support one's belief system and not for consumption to support life,  is the  greatest violation against our creation.  ~~~ This is my opinion. You may be shocked to hear that there are farms in today's world which breed and raise animals that will eventually be used in a religious rituals that involve animal sacrifices.  This week I viewed on the National Geographic channel a program on this topic. The owner of one of theses  farms  for animal sacrifices was proud to accommodate those religions who perform such rituals. This farmer feels blessed  that he  raises animals, not for slaughter and human consumption ~~  but for rituals of sacrifice. He actually believes his cause is a noble and spiritual one. He claims that the humane society has sanctioned what he does as the animals are treated "humanely". He makes it sound like this is  a Club- Med for the animals. I wish I could find the video or a link to the specific episode. I went to the web site of National Geographic, but found no link to the episode. If anyone knows of how I can do this please advise.

Unfortunately most religions dating back to ancient Greece and Rome and South America etc. ~~ animal and human sacrifices were performed  and in many cases still are being performed. Of all the religions, ancient and modern only a very few religions including Buddhism prohibits  any type of killing life.   That does not mean that there are no individuals in other religions who hold  their personal belief about  no killing  of any life.  There are  many people who take their personal belief with them as they worship in a structured manner. In North America, that is more common rather then the exception.  

Let's examine the Psyche of the people participating in these rituals and what is the cornerstone of their religion.

As to Christianity, references are made in the New Testament such as the parents of Jesus are "sacrificing" two doves. Christ is referred to as a sacrificial lamb of God. Christ's Crucifixion is comparable to human sacrifice as his death serves as an  atonement for all of man's sins.

Some villages in Greece also sacrifice animals to Orthodox saints. This ritual  is called "Kourbania" and is still practiced in modern Greece.

I did not mean to pick on Christianity as most, if not all religions have animal  sacrificial rituals in their past and present.

Can it be that  passages from the New and Old testaments at the very least condone  animal and maybe even human sacrifices? That the four legged, winged and finned life do not have a spirit and soul? Only If animals could talk. Labeling  Jesus as a sacrificial lamb? Rest assured, I understand the symbolism and that in ancient religions it was believed that sacrifices to the Gods were part of life then. The Mayans sacrificed humans as frequently  as one lights a candle in today's world of religions. The evolution of our enlightenment surely has advanced way beyond sacrifices of anything that shares the air we breath.  

Two religions come to mind, Buddhism which believes that animals are sentient beings, ~~ that maybe they are different in their intellectual ability than humans but no less capable in feeling pain. Then there is Jainism which supports  pacifism for all living creatures on the planet. Most Jains are Vegetarians.  In Buddhism with their belief in Karma and reincarnation, even an insect is reverend as this maybe one of a past relative. 

Some people support their belief in no killing life by becoming veterinarian, not just for health reasons. Buddhism is the poster child for "PETA"  Norm Phelps, author and student of Buddhism is quoted to say:  

"Buddhism ought to be an animal rights religion, par excellence" 

Maybe it is a play on words, but I wish the words of the Apostles were more like "Christ was murdered by ignorant people who simply believed Jesus violated the the laws of the Bible  by claiming that he was God ". ~~which was blasphemy to the Jews and this   violated the Old  Testament.  The Jews did not understand the teaching of who they wanted to be their Messiah.  Jesus  who did not walk around  among the Apostles and his followers and claim he would be their sacrificial lamb. He did know what was to become of him and in spite of the adversity he went on teaching, knowing that this could put him to death. That is what made him a holy and spiritual man. ~~ not a sacrificial lamb.

 Below is a short video of the Dali Lama speaking about his reverence   for all life and talks about killing a mosquito. Can anyone tell me the meaning of this message? It really is quite humorous.

The message I get from this video is that at we all have a right to our space. As I have made a reference  to this "space"  before in previous posts. This space is usually  seven feet in diameter. If an un-welcomed visitor intrudes your space you have the right do what is necessary to protect yourself and your property if a threat is made. Then and only then is it acceptable to cause undesired  harm to  another life as a last resort. The key word is "INTENT". 

Was it you intent to cause harm to the unwanted visitor, ~~ other then to protect your space? Was everything done to avoid confrontation? Either verbally or physically?

If a polar bear was about to attack your space with your children and there was no option but to kill it ~~ This would not be an insult to the animal kingdom, but a right to life. 

Notice the Dali Lama offered  a way to rid an unwanted mosquito on his arm. As a last resort one flicks the mosquito which could harm  the mosquito, if not kill it. 

For me ~~ this is another example of a spiritual person as opposed to a religious person.


Being kind to all life on this planet who  share life with us. This must be one of the golden rules of Spiritualism.

Amen  ~~ Aho!



  1. I got your point.However, no religion teaches violence. No religion allows human killing . It's only animal. We are humans. God made us omnivores. So.We have to eat animals. Now question is which animals to be eat.

    This vegetarian thing is just a drama to attract people. Believe me.

    Second thing, There are four religion which are from God. I call them holy religion.God send so many prophets to teach us his words from which he picked 4 on which he revealed his holy books. So, there are four holy books. a Muslim also sacrifice animals .Detail is here

    You have an interesting blog.
    Would love to talk about it.If you interested.

  2. Thank you so much for the feedback. I would love to talk about religions with you. While no religions will admit to their history of violence, more people have been killed in "religious" wars than all the world wars in the history of mankind. I was once a priest in the Greek Orthodox church which is the oldest form of Christianity. It was from this experience that I have been enlighten about the tremendous difference between being religious and being spiritual. I believe you are a Spiritual person or you would not have taken the time to visit this blog.

    We are ONE, in SPIRITUALITY, not in religiosity. You and I are brothers, sharing same planet.

    I welcome your sharing with me at

    I look forward to sharing ideas about our soul



    1. I was thinking you would scold me ..well thanks for your reply :D

      I believe in God and also believe "One Step From Me, Two Steps From God "
      So yeah ..some how I am on my way, asking questions, and believe me, I have found many.
      just like , about animal and meat issue....see it's nature. God has made us omnivorous . So now question is what kinda meat we should eat? I have found my answer ....clean diet ..clean meat.

      Would definitely wanna talk more.
      Peace be upon you