Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yes, the first Olympic games were in Olympia , Greece back in 776 BC. Yes the original games were in honor of the Olympian Gods with Zeus as the Father of all Gods. Yes, in those days only men participated and yes, in the nude.  Laurel leafs were used to crown the winners, not with gold, silver and bronze medals.

Today's games have evolved into a totally different  experience although some principals of the ancient games still exist. We are wearing clothes now ~~~ well some might question the beach volley ball outfits the women wear. Speaking of women, they now compete. The technology in gauging the speed has changed the most, in determining who the winner is as life seems to get faster and faster.

I have always had an appreciation for the Olympic games. I have been an athlete all my life, but no where close to a world class athlete. I was fortunate to realize as a kid that a healthy body contributed also to a healthy mind.

I did work in the Olympic Village in Munich Germany in 1972 as I have mentioned before. I experienced the Olympic spirit first hand. I had the opportunity to meet with the athletes in the dinning room and  in the village complex. I was introduced to the international pin trading fad. Each country gives their athletes a bag of pins which  they could give to other competing athletes as a token of good will. When each country arrives, their national anthem would be played to announce their arrival and all in the village would stop what they were doing to greet their fellow humans from another country. There was such a feeling of oneness. All the political barriers forgotten. We were there for peace and unity. 

This year more than any other year, it seem that there is more focus of attention on family, world peace and unity. The commercial breaks  have more positive messages IE. they would show the Olympians as children and that the mother is the center of all the work her little future Olympian had to go through to get to the Olympic games. Below is one of many of those "commercial" breaks Bravo Olympic committee and the television networks! Also, do not hesitate to see the other videos linked to this one. Very inspirational!

Then there are human stories that touch the heart like never before in the games. There is an athlete who was born without fibula which is the long bone that is  primary for the support of one's legs. His name is Oscar Pistorious. He was born in South Africa and with the love and support of his parents he was treated as any other kid on the block and from basic prosthetics to futuristic he runs like the wind. When he earned his ticket to the Olympic games there was controversy about whether it was fair  to allow him to compete with an "unfair advantage". Eventually with perseverance he won the right to compete. 

Then there was an elderly man from Beijing China  who traveled to London with a Rickshaw to see the games. --see video below:

It is very pleasing to know that the Olympics are not just about winning, but about sharing as one humanity, regardless of race, color and creed. You see families from all over the world going through the same preparation for the Olympics. Most Olympians go home with no medals, yet ~~~they were rewarded with an incredible experience of unity, passion, compassion and Love! I know I did in Munich ~~ And I did not have to run the tract in the stadium. 

See the closing ceremonies, shed a tear or two. I did throughout the games.  I felt I was a part of the experience. I will miss those Olympians and families who showed peace and unity can exist even if you have to jump off a scary diving board.

GO TEAM USA WOMEN'S SOCCER WITH JAPAN today who beat USA in the world cup finals while Japan had just suffered their disaster with the earthquake and Tsunami.

Love, unity and Light to All!


  1. wow , Stephen id id not see Olympic in that way.

    What an amazing post.

    Peace be upon you.

    1. Thank you for sharing your feelings of amazement.

      Namaste and peace be onto YOU!


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