Friday, July 27, 2012


In Aurora Colorado in the US, not far from the Columbine High School massacre which happened in 1999 another senseless killing spray took place and the venue this time ~~~ was a movie theater. A place where people go to take a break from everyday reality. The last thing in their mind was possibly being a victim of a shooting rage from a very misdirected individual, a suspect who was reported to be one of the smartest students at his university with a great future in medicine, ironically to help people.  Some sources claim he was an exceptional intelligent student . Twelve people are dead and 58 were injured. 

Watching the opening ceremonies for this year's Olympics reminded me that  I was hired by the Kempiski Hotel organization of Germany to work in the food service department of the Olympic village in 1972. This was in Munich Germany. Yes ~~~ I experienced first hand, the  terrorism the world had not seen before. I got to know one of the Israeli athletes, before he was shot in the village. We were then threaten by the terrorists that if Germany did not free the two terrorists which were captured at the airport where the entire Israeli team was massacred they would blow up the entire village of athletes and people working there.  Needless to say,  I realized then the world would never be the same again.

The first thing that comes to mind is:

We two legged life forms are the only spices of life on earth who contemplates, attacks and kills  seemingly  without cause or reason. Four legged, winged and finned kill for food and survival.To attack a human one does not not know or seen before in any way is a random viscous killer.  Why can we not live as the rest of the animal kingdom? This suspect was, is totally disconnected with our Creator.

Disconnection with our creator causes all kinds of deceptions of the real world. One becomes so misguided  there is gradual  disassociation with the world. I am not a psychologist nor a doctor to offer possible opinions as to why this happens. Nor do I want to give that condition an energy at all. I rather that we focus on bringing humanity to a place of world peace and unity for the sake of our future on this planet.

It was a little more than 7 years ago when there was talk of Armageddon, that the world could come to an end as we knew it on December 21st 2012 at 1:11 AM.  Much of the world's population would disappear. Ala ~~ the movie "2012".

Then I became fanatic about the concept since as   many coincidences manifested like the numbers  11 or 11-11 that I was attracted to  from a child. Then there are  the called prophecies  and that the Mayan Calender ends on December 21, 2012 at 1:11 AM. Mayans, ~~~ a culture which has predicted every significant astrological event that has taken place in our solar system right down to the date and time of the event correctly.

I believe there will be physical changes in the world that had  been first noticed and recorded 60 years ago as the poles are shifting at a pace faster than ever during our lifetime. This~~and with all the planets aligning in the universe,  cannot help but to have an effect on the planet's atmosphere. We also have done our share of destruction by polluting our air and clear cutting forests from our plant planet for decades.

I say to you all, ~~~ if we all go down on or about December 21st at 11-11 AM it will be at the hands of mankind. It will not be the earth that is going to destroy humanity. It will be humanity that will destroy itself. Mankind's conscientiousness is not in the place it should be.  Events like in the movie theater or the Olympic village in front of the world could happen more frequently and in a greater scale.There could be an event from our atmosphere  that could shut down communications in our world such as cell phones, or any electronic devices because of the changes that are taking place.  Those who have no faith and are  not connected with the divine will be lost and will panic.They will  destroy each other.Thus, it will not be our planet who will destroy humanity, it will be humanity who destroy itself with greed, lust, hatred and mass murders as the events in the described above.

The photo above represents humans, regardless of race or creed, who came together in anguish to comfort each other  as they can also do in total unity  for the sake of life.
I had a recent experience at "Trader Joe's", a health conscience store nearby where I live. I noticed an employee who appeared to be preoccupied with something in her mind that generated  her obvious negative disposition.  I walked up to her and commented what a beautiful person she appeared to be.  You   could see how the comment pierced her psyche and  she revealed a beautiful smile and she said with  an obvious pleasant surprise  while we were speaking she said  "that ~~"I had just made her day and she  really needed that"It doesn't matter what was distracting her. She just need some positive energy.

Speaking for  myself: I treat each day as a blessing from life itself. I recognize that at anytime or day my mortal life can be taken and there maybe nothing I can do to prevent it. So ~~~~ having said that, while I am still horizontal and breathing in the Pnevma, ~~ spirit, I will love and treat everyone I am in contact with as if it were my final breath.

Regardless of what happens to us and the planet by the end of the  year, I am in a very peaceful place and ready to transform my energy. In the meantime I will love and respect all life on the planet. The more we preach and promote spirituality  perhaps mankind will survive what ever challenges come our way either in December or anytime our planet continues to exist.

Do you believe that  if some stranger  walked up to the suspect earlier that day or even just before he gathered his weapons at the theater, and treated him with a smile and some pleasantries, ~~  would he have gone through with the killings? Perhaps he would have.  Then again, maybe not. Sometimes random acts of kindness can be a stimulating experience for someone in depression. One thing I know,  ~~ regardless of appearance, race, culture or  creed I will treat each human with love, greetings with warmth. 

When I was with my daughter, Kayley, I engaged in a beautiful conversation with the person who took our order for food at a small restaurant called "Rod's. last night. The person was from Mexico but her Husband is from Greece. We ending up speaking in Greek and Spanish as if we knew each other for years and we were family. I had been to this place hundreds of times when I lived in the neighborhood,  but never engaged in a conversation with her. I actually do not recall seeing her before.

We can help save humanity, by treating everyone  like family. Similar to my previous post. We may not have any control of the changes Mother Earth is going through now, but we will not react in a desperate negative manner when and if when those changes take place. 

There can be peace and life after the storm:

Develop your peace now and share it with everyone you can. Spread the good news, Mother Earth and humanity will survive together! Reach out to the creator and always be cognoscente of his presence.

Spread the word of unity and peace for all!

Love and Light!


  1. Very good post. I also am not sure what is going to happen but I know it will be a fun ride and look forward to changes that are coming.

    1. Thank you Bo,I am prepared for anything. I am at peace with myself, my Creator and with humanity!