Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What inspired me to write this post was a quote from a great movie I saw for the umpteenth time called "Powder"  The quote was "Talk to the inside of the person"

 Here is a clip which says it all as to my foundation of my spirituality:

The quote is not heard in the video clip, but you see where the conversation is going. Look into the eyes of your audience and you can  make a spiritual connection. You will see what is going on with the person, to whom you are talking. Maybe pain or happiness.  You will be inspired to speak to the soul  and spirit according and your conversation will leave imprints in the person's heart!

I own a group on care2.com It is called 
"The Art of communication"

The following comes from a post I wrote for the group!

"The most powerful communication on earth is that from the Spirit. No words spoken, or written, yet Spiritual communication can be so much more clear. The Spirit tickles the body that serves as a temporary carriage for the Spirit in this journey called life on earth. Like little sparks of energy which overwhelm the body, which is a gift from our creator, that responds with tears, laughter, pain, happiness and ~~ with a certain look from our eyes.

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They speak louder than any word written or spoken. They are pure energy. Is it not interesting that when the body ages the eyes remain as youthful as when we first entered this life. Oh yes, the skin around them my be dated but look deep into the eyes of someone who is in the twilight of his life and you will see the soul of that person never ages.

We may be born in different places in the world. Our spoken word may be different. Our dress we choose to cover our bodies may be different but  

When our focus in life is dedicated to worldly possessions and not in that which cannot be seen or felt, ~~ then we will continue to be no more then individuals in this realm fighting for treasures we can never take with us when we pass on to the Spirit world. Fighting each other and remaining separated.

Open the door to your heart and soul and heal the planet from spiritual thirst  to plentiful spiritual nourishment."


May we strive to take the stranger out of all humans who share the air and space on this planet.

Be well in Love and spirit!

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