Friday, September 7, 2012

~~~~~~ IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ~~~~~

The title of this post gives you a hint of what this message is about. ~~ As in the movie with the same title I emphasize  the importance of self-esteem. Know that you do have an impact on people's life's. Maybe it was something you have said or did.

Challenges in life tend to consume our spirit and soul. We feel that surely we must have done something wrong to deserve such "fate". The good in you can seem to be overshadowed by everyday challenges. Sometimes one has to be reminded by our angel who is assigned to us, ~~~~ that little voice we hear in our head.

A couple of days ago, while I was working out in the gym at my club I came across the parents of a child I had coached in soccer for a number of years. We were reminiscing the days of playing together on different teams, traveling, together to beautiful venues such as Lake Tahoe, California and the comradery  we experienced. I was told how I had a major affect on their children's childhood and that they haven taken these memories with them in life.

Another child I had coached, who now is a young adult came up to me and thanked me for getting her life "straighten out" and that she will use the same social skills I inadvertently taught my team. I did not just teach soccer skills, but also life's lessons.

I have had a number of people I have encountered in life who I never knew I had such an impact on. The parents, who had heard about my accident stated ''you were meant to survive so that you could have an impact on our children and us".

Frank Copra, who directed the movie, "It's a wonderful Life" based it on a book called "The greatest Gift"  This gift is the ability we all have in touching our fellow humans and helping them to deal with life's curves, twists and turns. 

Sometimes something traumatic has to happen to wake us up. Only then do we really appreciate what we have and then share with others.

Some of you know my history as to my near death experiences.  The first was when I was 16. I and two buddies hitchhiking in the San Bernadino  mountains near Big Bear, California when the driver lost control of the car and flipped the car upside-down and some how like an angel picked up the car and sent it to the hillside instead of us falling down the mountain. I walked away unscathed. I was a teenager ~~ so I believed I was invincible. Taking life for granite. I never did share this with my parents, considering I was hitchhiking, ~~ a stupid thing to do as teenager. I was more scared about what they would do to me if I told them what happen.

My second experience was failing to get on a plane from Chicago O' Hare airport to LA. The flight was booked and I was pissed off. This same flight crashed and everyone died on the plane. This was An American Airlines in 1979. My Angel was telling me there is a reason I needed to be here still. 

Third, ~~  was my rollover accident in Mexico about 5 years ago, a crash that could have easily taken my life , if not, left me paralyzed or even comatose, yet I walked away with all my limbs and mental capacity. In fact I felt stronger after the accident than before.  This time my Angel shouted at me, ~~ there was no whispering going on.

Each and everyone of us has the ability to affect the life of others. Do not allow the challenges life throws at you keep you from sharing the good  in you with others who might need to see that good.

Extend  a spiritual hand to all you are in contact with. Trust me when I say that when you do this your energy strengthens. Your positive energy has a bottomless well. 

I wish for you to grasp the golden key on the merry go round  of life and hand it to anyone who needs it more. Perhaps those who cannot ride the merry-go-round.

 Absorb the divine light and feel the warmth of love and peace!

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