Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This post was motivated by the 21 days of meditation with Deepak Chopra for global transformation, which I promoted with my previous post. I experienced a spiritual shower unlike any before. What glares at me is that repetitive actions create habit. In this case a very peaceful routine. It is what I call exercise for the mind and soul.

You can exercise   the body and soul and each contributes to the other. Like they say, "Healthy body ~~ Healthy mind". You do not have to be an athlete to experience throbbing for more once you get into a routine for the body. I participated in all 21 days plus one extra. Now I have developed a routine to meditate every day, citing the appropriate Mantra. Remember that the venue of meditation idealistically is in a place of solitude, however, it can be in a room or sitting in your car (As I have done many times when I am on the road, waiting for my appointments).

The same is true with working out at the gym. The difference being with my work scheduled that takes me out of town  and I will try to make it up when I am home. 

Body  and soul develop a craving for this routine once you start it. Like a good book, it is hard to put it down. 

As to the 21 day meditation ~~ the theme of this experience was "ABUNDANCE"

Just a few questions that were asked about our abundance in life that will inspire your own self-awareness: 

1) What would make you feel more abundant in all areas of your life?

2) What areas in your life do you feel most abundant?

3) What do you believe is your source of abundance?

4) What do you feel limits your abundance?

5) How can you remove any obstacles in your consciousness that stand between   you and and an abundant life?

I will not answer the questions above for you, you have your own answers. However I will say a few words that might help you to focus what you want to attract into your life. 

You first and foremost have to believe you deserve the abundance you strive for. That You are good! Know that all abundance comes from within. All you need to do is tap into the treasures within. To want material wealth is not own it's own merit is not a bad thing as long as you use it as a vehicle to help heal the world. The mantra for happiness and Humanity ~~  in Sanskrit is O Hum  =  I AM. When you meditate inhale and exhale with purpose. Feel the life you are with each breath.

I am here as a witness to the incredible changes in my life due in part to my meditation. Even in the car en route to an appointment I remind myself what a great day this will be, that all will go smoothly without confrontations and I will be safe in my journeys. I swear, things fall into place as if there was divine intervention. Even my finances  have improved noticeably. I am getting compliments from people stating that not only I am looking healthy and but very fit.

"We can only be said to be truly alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures"

Quote by Thornton Wilde

I have just shed a tear composing this. I am so blessed by you who read this blog and all life on this planet. We are one. I am all that is good. I am abundant with love, light and so so wealthy.

Be well, be loved, be in abundant blissful happiness!

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