Sunday, December 9, 2012


Most of us label events of synchronicity as coincidences. ~~ but are they?  Is synchronicity a revelation that there is  a rhythm  to life? Can we say that these events were meant to be? In other words, our destiny?  Deepak Chopra makes reference to this rhythm as "Synchrodestiny" and to choose to live in harmony with  this rhythm, everything we desire comes to us effortlessly. 

Evolved souls will tell you there that are no accidents or coincidences. All that we experience is by design and what we attract to our physical world. There are no accidents, just the wheels of synchronicity, the wheels of time or in other words, the wheels of Karma. The evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. 

Below are examples of Synchronicity:

1)  You were fired from your job and while things appeared hopeless when the rent was due, ~~ you find not only a job, but a better job then the one you lost.

2) You end a long term bad relationship and through unexpected venues you meet a person who becomes your soul-mate.

3) You go into a book store or a library, not knowing what you want, but expecting to find something that will stimulate you and a book falls off the shelve in front of you and it is the book you were looking for but had no idea of the name of the book.

4) You have lost focus in your life and depressed and one day totally unexpectedly  you meet a stranger that brings to you guidance and you are able to find real meaning in your life. 

Carl Jung, A Swiss Psychologist, coined the word "Synchronicity". He believed that events which are perceived as coincidences were not by chance. I will not bore you with all his genius on this post, but I recommend that you read his writings on Synchronicity. He has written many books on the subject.  

Remember from my last post on Abundance: You need to feel you deserve the best life has to offer. After all, you attract what you feel and are. You project positive energy, you will get positive results for your needs.  In the above examples of synchronicity the person always had a positive energy around him.

I would love that you share with us your story or stories of synchronicity in your life in the comments section of this post! I will respond to each one. I can identify personally with all of the examples above.

Be well in light and Love and accept divine intervention


  1. G'day Stephen

    I love synchronicity as it shows I'm still aware.


  2. Great Reflection! Thank you Mathew