Thursday, December 27, 2012


It is amazing how I identify with Native Americans. My spirit is in deed Native. From prior posts I emphasized the significance of the circle for Native Americans. Hoop dancing is another form of communication used by our first people and guess what, ~~ it involves circles. Thus, ~~ a never ending circle of life.

The Hoop dance as other storytelling methods has  subjects that involve the Eagle, the Snake, the Butterfly and the Coyote.  The four legged and the winged. With the chanting and the beat of the drums the dancer manipulates the hoops and you can see the animals come alive in Spirit.  This has become like artwork and competitions are held all over the US. For me ~~ not the best reason to hoop dance.  ~~ yes it is absolutely visually beautiful to watch, but one should look at the Spiritual purpose in that we are all one as humans with the animal kingdom.                  

Please copy and paste the link below which will take you to This is an incredible site which explores humanity and nature on this planet. It is fitting that this video was filmed in the Grand Canyon.!/videos/player/hoop-dance-zen-den

I feel the heart beat of Mother Earth when I have the opportunity to see the dances with the chanting and playing of drums. The late-comers (Europeans) have much to learn from our first people who talk to the animals and Mother Nature.

Maybe if we treat the planet with more respect and love,  all inhabitants of this planet can find the much needed remedies to heal our planet and save it from the greed of humans.

The golden rule of our first people in caring for Mother Earth is to take no more than you need and share with those who have none. Treat all animals and nature as family 


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  2. G'day Stephen

    We westerners do think we can own things but they are never ours to own in the first place.

    A nice blog mate.


  3. Well~~ thank you my dear Aussie. I have many followers from the land down under. Blessings to you!



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