Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The concept of happiness can be individualized or part of a chain uniting people together. The core of our happiness may be influenced by our upbringing, our environment,  our exposure to societal values, etc. Happiness for one person may not be happiness for others. The source of our happiness can be so varied. Individual Memories which spur happiness are unique.

While I was in Munich, Germany I was staying at the  Olympic Village where I shared a room with a Native American during the Olympics. I may have mentioned this before. We shared many ideas of philosophy including Native Wisdom  The one thing that stood out in my mind was the Native definition of  HAPPINESS. Essentially, ~~ He said Our happiness is not produced by our external life conditions,  ~~ but by our perceptions and thoughts about our life and what happens to us. We are not angry or made happy by events, but by our reactions to events. ~~

Paraphrased Quote 
 Running Bear

In other words, our happiness comes from within.

I am going to ask you to do an introspection of yourself. This exercise  is very powerful. In fact it rivals meditation. I am going to ask you to make a list of at least 5 things that make you happy in life.

When you are done, study the list. You might discover things about yourself you never realized. There is selfish happiness and sharing happiness as I like to call it. Is it about money?  This maybe is temporary and not permanent happiness. Having said that, if money is used to help the world heal or help a disadvantaged family, this is sharing happiness. The recipient and giver both share the happiness.

When you are done, ask yourself, "does my happiness do anything for our fellow man and the world"? Is it linked to Mother Earth? Or ~~ is it a state of mind which is not shared with others.

Here are my 5 things that make ME happy.   

1)  I am happy because I love myself. Loving myself allows me to love others. This is a shared   happiness. When I am happy others are happy.

2) I am happy because of the ability  to share with others what little I may have in materials or information  like doing this blog. You cannot believe what euphoria I experience when I share spiritual information and feelings from my soul. Without an audience like yourselves I would be deprived of this happiness.

3) I am happy because of the love for and from my  family. Show me a person who does not share the love of a family and I will show you a person who does not love himself. 

4) I am happy when I am among  nature which in it's own right is a  symbol of happiness. It is Mother Earth's expression of harmony, peace, love and sharing with all. How much more happy can one be when Mother Earth provides nourishment and such beauty. This is universal happiness. Walking through the woods, across streams, inhaling the fresh air makes me so happy.

5) I am happy for the health I have as long as I have it. I will be happy this day as if it were my last day. I may not live to see tomorrow, yet, ~~ I will be happy on my last day of my mortal life. If my future plans are gone forever I will be  OK and will pass into the spirit world, happy and with a smile on my Face. 

May you think positive thoughts and positive happiness will occur. Share your happiness with all around you, the known and unknown, strangers and friends and you will live in a happy world. Recognize the beauty you have and share!

Be happy in love and light! ~~ and thank you for sharing!


  1. G'day Stephen

    I loved the philosophy in this; I can’t believe how philosophical I have become. I’m a spiritually aware person not a spiritualist who thought I was more inclined to be more spiritually aware than philosophical but that doesn’t seem to be the case, I have never read or had any interest in philosophy until my second coming into spiritual awareness. I deleted my blog titled Science of spirituality which mainly focused on vibrations but now have a blog based on acceptance.

    Keep up the good work Stephen.


  2. Bravo Mathew!I will go to your blog and make an energy connection.

    Namaste and love and light to you!