Monday, December 17, 2012


Just when we  thought we saw the worst of humanity in the Theater Massacre in Colorado this year. And ~~ Just yesterday in an up scaled mall in Newport Beach California, known as  the "Fashion Island" down the freeway from me ~~  there was another scare from a man shooting bullets in the mall, randomly, injuring at least one female that we know of, so far.

As I sit at my computer with my head between my two hands I take a deep breath and ask myself how dark the human race has to get before we literally destroy ourselves.   I read the heart breaking stories from the families. I hear the heroics of some of the employees like the janitor rescuing as many kids as possible and I say to myself, there maybe is a sliver of hope for humanity.

It does not help to realize humans are the only species on the planet that gratuitously kills not only animals and nature, but their own kind. And now ~~ with emphases on their young. Ages 5 to 10 were lined up as like for a firing squad and were executed. The shooter totally oblivious  and with disrespect for life took  these little angels who were anxious for their holidays, their families and their future, starting with going home the end of that school day. I am sure some had set up their decorations at home, some looking forward to Santa Clause, etc.

This shooter was totally out of touch with this reality. The children were nothing  more than objects, ~~ a vehicle  which served to make his point about his own perceived tortured life. 

It seems like there is no remedy to heal the disease of mankind that causes these atrocities. For one thing, I believe man has failed to love him self first and foremost. From what I heard, this shooter was considered a nerd, yet a genius as was the Colorado shooter.

Self esteem is so important in life. Show me a depressed human with no self esteem and does not love himself and I will show you an angry, unhappy person who looses touch with reality. Suddenly everything in life becomes nothing more than an object to him.

Lets join in prayer for the families and friends for the loss of their angels and dedicated educators who live to guide our children.

O' Creator of all things, as we humble ourselves before you in this time when our faith is severely challenged we look for answers and ask for your enlightenment.  Our little Angels were taken from us and their educators. We look for the strength and the will to continue our lives that were made so much sweeter because of them. We pray that the love once shared together in the physical,  continues  in the spirit and will follow us into the afterlife. Allow us to feel their footsteps in spirit as we continue this journey which will yield even more challenges to come.  

Amen ~~  Aho!

Love yourself, love all people and cherish life!

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