Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Once again we are blessed by Deepak Chopra  with another series of meditations with the focus on Health ~~ mental,  physical and Spiritual. You may participate on your own schedule and repeat a meditation if desired. 

In our present days we can become overwhelmed with daily challenges that distract us from what is most important in life. THIS IS YOUR HEALTH. Love yourself enough to want to live and share with your fellow humans gifts you were born with. All the money and possessions  in the world   may not  save you in certain health issues. Just asked Steve Jobs' family.

This meditation allows you to optimize all events that bring harmony into your life. It creates a sense of peace which becomes positive energy in your life. Thus, you become and feel more healthy. 

Below is a link to the program. Please copy and paste it.

Hope to see and  feel you during the meditation series.

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