Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It has been said  by  many  ~~ that "you were told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What they failed to tell you is that beauty is best seen with the eyes closed. What you look like is not important. What is important is who you are inside and the choices you make".

Quote from unknown

I had posted a similar subject relative to "you cannot judge the book by it's cover" ~~ or something to that effect. I am now approaching this subject from  the viewpoint of the person being judged. ~~ not the judge

It is up to you to share your beauty with the world. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and share your beauty. All of us have been given gifts from the creator. All of us have the beauty we were born with. 

As humans growing up from a young age we are susceptible to prejudges created by society and we tend to develop insecurities and  we loose confidence in our selves. I cannot think of one person I have been associated with, either at work, friends or family who has beauty to share with humanity but rarely shares it .

The way most people deal with their insecurities is like one putting make-up on one's face to change the way they look naturally, instead of looking as the way the creator made them. instead they cover the beauty within.

Exploit the beauty you have to share. What your shell looks like which carries your beautiful soul in this realm is unimportant. Whether  your gift is entertainment, artistry, teaching, communicating or just helping your fellow man ~~ you can share and help humanity with your beauty.

How do you know you have shared your beauty you ask? You know you have touched one's soul when tears are shed. Your soul gives you a spiritual bath. 

The beautiful image above portrays a human who in times of our life's storms she opens her beauty from within.

This post was triggered by a video I saw  below and  perhaps it will cause you to tear. Please see it.

Well ~~ Jonathon who is 17 years old fortunately had a companion who acknowledged  his beauty and encouraged him to share his gift and stood  up for him when his piers at school would make fun of him because the way he looked. 

You too can acknowledge the beauty in your fellow humans. Not only to  build their confidence but also to encourage them to share their gift in life.

Be well in light and love,



  1. Thanks! Great that people work together -- encouraging one another to develop their friendships as co-workers and their talents!
    (This is a good idea for replacing bullying --in all ages and stages of development. Thank you for the blog.

  2. Ruth, thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to reflect on this post.

    We are blessed by your spirit