Wednesday, April 17, 2013

~~~ WHO AM I ~~~

This maybe is the most important question in the universe. I was inspired to write this post when I saw the movie adaptation of the stage production, "Les Miserables".  ( it happens to be one of my favorite musical productions). For those not familiar with this masterpiece: It is essentially a story of a man who was convicted for steeling a loaf of bread for a starving man. He Served 20 years in prison and when he was finally released, he led a life of crime until he came upon a Mon-senior Priest who took him in. 

The man call Jean Valjean (the main character in the play and in the movie Hugh Jackman played Jean Valjean)  stolled the church's candle sticks and was caught and brought back to the Mon-senior who in turn not only covered for his actions, but, also gave him the Candle sticks. In turn Jean Valjean  agreed to live a life of good and help  others. 

He becomes the mayor in a small village where he is adored! Held in the highest esteem.  ~~ then his past caught up with him and he is forced to make some decisions including adopting a girl whose mother was slated as a prostitute  and died from illness. He promised he would raise her daughter so she could rest in peace.

I believe we all have lived through spiritual changes in our live. Reflecting back on my life I can clearly  separate or partition my life into 4 different phases.

Aristotle, the great Greek Philosopher,  once said  

" we are what we repeatedly do"

I believe that this message infers that we can be ever changing throughout our journey here on Earth.
I have to admit that in my past "life I did tread amidst dark shadows and said and did things I wished never happened. There were incredible events that will not soon be forgotten. Like a puzzle you might be able to put all the pieces together so you may see all of who you are.  

I would like you to do an exercise  that may help you  see all of who you are as every thought, every word, every action is recorded in the sacred halls of the universe. You cannot use an eraser to change your past. There are no mulligans in life ( a golf term for taking an errant  shot again.)   All of the events of your life have contributed to who you are today. Knowing yourself better may guide you to a happier and more fulfilling life.

I want you to meditate or just set in a quiet place and write down your earliest memories. You might recall certain events, sad, happy, etc. You might classify your events by school years,  relationships certain traumatic events, etc. Write them down for future reference or simply write them down for the moment. Writing gives thoughts life! The function is more poignant

I have a follower who stated to me that he does not like meditating because the process brings back sad memories and times of serious challenges in his life. I informed him that  he does not have to give this negative  energy any life. He can  simply acknowledge them as part of his life!

Discover your evolution and realize the  power and beauty from the heavens.  That you have become one with the universe. 

There is a song called "Who Am I" in this production and Jean Valjean struggles with his past and wants to know who he is, ~~ thieve he was or the beautiful person he became in his later life.

I cannot help but share the video from "Les Miserables" I feel the passion of the evolution of Jean Valjean' soul.  

You are  what you think. May your thoughts be as beautiful as the Great Creator made you!

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  1. Hi Stephen.
    Who am I?
    Thats a very interesting question...
    i wonder if i'll ever find an answer???.
    This is my thought on this...

    I Am Small......

    All that
    I can do
    I cannot do alone

    Does this make sense to you...


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