Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 My beautiful mother and me just days before she moved on to the spirit world

As I was working in San Diego  California recently I found myself with a little extra time which I used at a book store browsing through books on Philosophy and Religions. While I was there I found a "Bargain table"  for the upcoming Mother's day celebration. It just suddenly hit me that my Mother is in the spirit world and not in our worldly form for the first time on Mother's Day.

It also hit me that my mother's energy has always been with me and never left me. I feel her love even more than when she traversed this realm. I do believe it is more common that people share this same experience when our mother has moved on. It is not only assuring that our energy never dies, but that loved ones can open their heart and can take their  bucket of life to the fountain of memories and to fill it. 

That connection does not have to be at a grave site. you can open the channel where ever you are.  On this particular day I was certainly blessed that on an otherwise stressful day, my Mother sent waves of positive energy.  Thank you Mother for always being there with us.

I wrote a poem which has been shared at various venues where you might have read it before. I am inspired to post here with this opportunity of not only appreciating our mothers but all women  on this planet:

Enjoy and have a blessed day with your mothers and beautiful women.  


It is through a woman, a man can be complete.
It is through a woman, the Creator sends his sacred life

Tears for a woman can clear the path for love
Love for a woman can make a man a better person


The warmth of a woman knows no boundaries

The body of a woman is sacred as are her heart and soul

The love from a woman is celestial bliss

In that love, man experiences Peace, Tranquility and Totality

Women are a gift to be appreciated for all times and eternity

For --- without women we would not be

Emotions from Stephen July 2009


  1. Stephen I offer you my sincere condolences on the passing of your mother into the Spirit world.Feeling her love is truly that eternal fountainhead where as you said our bonds never die. I love what you said so I will quote it just to say thank you for saying this:
    " It is not only assuring that our energy never dies, but that loved ones can open their heart and can take their bucket of life to the fountain of memories and to fill it. "
    I lost my mother when I was 14 years old. It was a painful time in my young life, but I too experienced her love for me and her closeness.
    Your poem The Beauty of a Woman touched me deeply, and your appreciation and wisdom, all that emanates from your soul fills my spirit with gratitude.
    May you always be Blessed Stephen and may the bonds of love between you and your mother shine brightly for always.
    Gentle are the hands that held you,
    Strong was the heart that loved you,
    Patient were the words softly spoken
    Guiding you,
    then, when you were young,
    and now your guardian even unto Eternity.
    Peace be yours my friend.

    Your friend rosemary

    1. Thank you Rosemary for your reflection of my soul. You truly bless me!

  2. Stephen my symphaty and condolence in you adorable mother Passing!!!!her love be always with you, I your life!!!!I love your poem !!! its bellissimo!!!! just as you are!!!!!! but our loveones stay with us for ever!!!! thnx for this photos!!!!! they are a treasure for me. I will keep then for ever. I had never be so happy that be your friend!!!! I feel very lucky and fortunate to have somebody in my life as you!!!!! I also love life ,I beliebe in the power of the universe, I beliebe in the unknowing!!!! I have passion for everything in my life!!!! I admire you, now and always!!!!! I love you!!! Grazie!!!! Marly ciao !!!


  4. Wow!! I got chills reading your message.


    Your dear friend, Stephen

  5. Dear Stephen thanks for sharing your emotions with us and for the poem you have write. I lost my mother when I was 17 and still miss her each day. sometimes I see her smiling or hear her voice and I feel better.
    Always enjoyed your site, it brings me peace in my mind and my heart.
    Peace, Love and Light

  6. I thank you for visiting and reflecting your emotions from your spirit and soul!