Sunday, September 22, 2013


As we get closer to  the depot of our final destination here in this realm we tend to do a retrospect of our life and we realize that:

"while our body is mortal our immortality comes from the memories of us". 

Quote by Stephen Hill

While our  canvass of life has almost been completed in the twilight of our visit to this world ~~ and the paint is just starting to dry, we  still have time to reach out and touch someone spiritually. ~~  To share in our spirituality. It took a while to realize that you do not have to climb over every mountain when some have tunnels to go through. There have been many obstacles to deal with and more to come. Obstacles do not age discriminate. There is no senior discount. Same price to pay whether you are one or one hundred and one years old.That price is overcoming that which is thrown at us in life.

Our ticket on our train of life can be first class with our reaching out to our fellow humans or third class where we do not share the beauty we have inside of us. We are all beautiful beings on this planet. You do not have to pretend to be someone you are not.

Oscar Wilde once said: " Be yourself, everyone else is taken"   

There is no need to attempt to be someone other than yourself.

I will quote Luther Standing Bear " Out of the Indian approach to life a great freedom came, an intense and absorbing respect for life, enriching faith in a Supreme Power, and principles of truth, honesty, generosity, equity and brotherhood as a guide to mundane relations".

This freedom is internal freedom. A freedom that allows your spirit to flow like the wind.

I will share with you an event that I experienced a couple of days ago. I will call this event:


 As i was walking to my post office box wondering if I would find a check or two and stressed out over it, I came upon a young lady holding onto a bag of chocolate  chip cookies and eating from the bag. Mind you, It is impossible for me to walk by someone and not smile or exchange salutations or exhibit gestures of kindness.

I immediately commented on the bag of cookies like "Yummy  ~~ chocolate chip cookies."   The young lady offered me a cookie and I said "no thank you I need to watch my "girly figure" laughing! she replied " come on, ~~  nobody turns down a chocolate chip cookie". I then noticed her eyes were glossy as if she had just cried or was about to. I then said I would love a chocolate chip cookie. I realized something was going on inside her and it seemed to be calling me.

I then sat next to her on the bench she was sitting on. We exchanged names and had a brief conversation.  We were talking about our common love for Chocolate chip cookies she said her mother taught her to love the chocolate chip cookies as her mother did. As she spoke of her mother she began to tear. She explained that she had just come from the hospital where her mother just died from a long battle with cancer. She then gushed with tears. I could not help myself and gave her a big hug and consoled her. I gave her my card and encouraged her to visit my blog for support.  At that point an older male, possibly her father, picked her up. 

I had to sit a few minutes before I did my business at the mail box facility just to absorb what I experience. Suddenly I felt recharged and there was no more stress. By the way, I did get a check.

Maybe she was an Angel for me  ~~ or I for her. Regardless, it was a spiritual encounter.

Always be aware of your surroundings, do not avoid eye contact with strangers. Each human on this planet has something to offer or may need your momentary help to get through the day. Until my arrival at the depot of life I will remember the cookie:

Be a light amidst the tidal waves of life


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