Monday, September 2, 2013


I am certain that you have heard the saying "Only if you were in my shoes you could know what I am going through". It is true that experiencing pain can be a "blessing in disguise." From pain we gain compassion. When we encounter adversities in road of life and successfully negotiate those bends in the road we create what I like to call " spiritual  immunities or antibodies for our soul."  It is like taking a flue shot so you do not get the flue. 

Embrace adversities and learn from them. Taking the "Scenic" route of life may deprive you of experiences that enhance the development of your spirit and soul.

In my life I have negotiated many bends in my  path of life and I am a stronger person from it. I am more empathic towards my fellow humans. I am excited to share my past with those who feel lost in their pain. The person in pain senses your compassion and the attraction between the two hearts creates a healing energy. 

Below is a must see video on this subject


 "To live a life without adversities is like a lantern with no light"

quote by Stephen Hill

It is fitting that in the video above Greek mythology was used to make the point of "the "Wounded Healer"

Be a Wounded Healer and share in the wonderful energy created in the connect with your fellow human in need. In the process  you heal yourself.  


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