Friday, October 18, 2013


We all have an innate desire to find our soul mate in this realm. I do not infer to a relationship based on anything other than a spiritual attraction to another. By today’s standards this is indeed a rare accomplishment. In a very subtle way we are actually searching for ourselves in someone who is like us.

I argue that a couple who seems to be the opposite of his love interest is not better off as one does not necessarily balance the other in behavior. For an example: One is introverted and the other is extroverted. One likes to be outdoors and the other is happy staying in the house.

Regardless It is my feeling that to connect with your “twin” your relationship needs a frame not based the following:

1) Material things on Earth

2)The External shell, or body which contains the soul and spirit.

One needs to be attracted to what is inside of the body. This may be a challenge when we are gifted by the Creator such strong senses which cause us to respond to the visual and be blinded by superficial beauty. A double edged sword. It is my feeling that visual beauty can  bring you to the well for a drink, however, effort is needed to extract the prize in the well which is the water it contains.

3)Selfishness. Too many times we do not reach out to those in need of the basics in life whether ,  food, spiritual support. Love etc. The desire to share what we have inside us by both in a relationship is truly powerful.

The connection with your “twin” in love may not be in this lifetime. It may be a work in progress in the   moment we are in  now.

Below is a video I came across long after this concept came to my consciousness. I said to myself Wow! So this revelation is shared by many people. It is real. We all have a “Twin” of love.  

 We all can find our "Twin" of love, he or she maybe just around the corner. Place yourself in a spiritual environment and it will happen. Find the inner beauty in people and share your own beauty and you will find your "Twin" of love!

Love and peace be with you!

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