Monday, November 4, 2013


I recently experienced the loss of a long term relationship which in my heart and spirit I thought would take me to the afterlife. The cause of the termination was due to a complete misunderstanding and no real opportunity given  to clarify the message that provoked the breakdown.

My immediate reaction to this confrontation was anger, not so much what the misunderstanding was all about, but the treatment received. It was as if I were a stranger. You would think that after 30 plus years there would be some trust and credibility in my words. Sometimes friends become enemies, but what is worse is when is when they become strangers.

As most people would react in shock, so did I. I had to meditate on the matter and then realized that the best solutions rarely come to surface immediately. Are time and distance the remedy? I have always believed that events happen in our life for a reason. We may not know what that reason is as the greater good is revealed through adversities in our life. Be patient, allow the tide of life to bring you to shore. Allow the universe to unfold with divine  enlightenment.

The loss of a "Filos" in Greek  ~~ friend ~~  can be as painful as the loss of any kind of love.

Friendships are very important in our life.They may be a cornerstone of our life which supports the foundation of our being. As said many times before, they may be our angels on earth.

Do not imprison your spirit with trying to relive the past.  Do not have conversations with yourself like ~~ what if this or that was said ~~ could that have changed things? We only have the NOW, the past is  gone. Do not try to live in the past. Allow divine providence in it's own time to place things in the order that is best for you.

Sometimes life gives you two options: losing yourself or losing the one you love. Whatever it is, do not lose yourself. Remember you have not lost value in life because of a broken friendship. There is no depreciation as time goes by like an object, such as an automobile.   You are still the beautiful person you were born to be. Allow me to give you a visual: Have you noticed that while the body ages the eyes do not? They are as you were born with. No wonder they say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. 

Take the beauty you have and share it with those who will appreciate it. Take your ship of life and endure the sometimes overwhelming waves that toss and turn your ship and embrace the  horizons that you have yet to experience.

Be well in Love and Light!



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