Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Depression during the Holidays unfortunately is common. ~~  However, the good news is, ~~ that it can be completely curable with our  own energy. All too often we are focused on social structures and symbolism that do not address the spirit. We remember our childhood  which may contribute to how we share our holidays as a parent.

Depression is a sign that the spirit and mind have disconnected and we need to reconnect with spiritual remedies. 

I offer the following remedy for Holiday Depression:

Before I offer the list, ~~  first and foremost ~~ take no anti-depression pills or any chemical medication. It would be like putting a pill in the bark of a tree which is dying. It simply does no good. The tree needs nature made attention as do humans. You do not want to live in a world of chemicals that might give you temporary comfort. In the end you are doing more harm than good

1). Do not think about money.  Whatever a gift may  cost If you  do not have the money  for it ~~~  forget about purchasing it. There is no gift better than a hug and the words, "I love you" to anyone.

2). During the Holidays you may have more time to take walks which can be done every day of the year, not just during the holidays.  Walking is nutrition   for the body and spirit. It makes us feel alive with a purpose in life and that we are not alone.  Every Holiday when my family gets together  we do a "Power walk" in the hills of Redlands California. It is about a two hour walk and some considerable miles before we sit down for our gathering.

3). you can do volunteer work, spending the day helping others as suggested in my previous two blogs on this topic. Helping others helps you!

4). It is a time to also recall our family and friends who have passed on to the afterlife. Do this, recalling all the positive things  and times together. Do not focus on the negative memories. Remember our loved ones are still with us in spirit.

5). Celebrate Christmas all year  around. Regina and I have celebrated Christmas already over this past weekend. There was no gift exchanged, just a lot of Hugs and words of love. We continuously validated that were were having a wonderful Holiday season. Was I concerned about financial issues lurking in  the depths of my spirit? Yes, however I did not let them distract  my focus of appreciation. I remained positive and realized that no matter how challenging my problems seem to be there are many people who have far more challenges in their life then me.

6). while you may be in a crowd or alone, do controlled breathing. Doing this can reconnect our spirit and mind. It helps our awareness of life and there are great reasons to be happy. This a form of prayer and or meditation. I consider both a valid source of energy. 

May your mind and soul be unified  by feeding it with spiritual nutrition and your tree of life yields fruits of love, and happiness.

There can be no more depression


  1. Thank you so much Stephen!!
    You are the light in the darkness..
    God Bless you!!

  2. We are all special! We just need recognize we are and to share with our fellow humans and all life on earth. Thank you for the reflection.

    Love and light to you!

  3. Peace and Blessings to All....

    Remember the Limitations of Being Human

    Remember the limitations of being human

    we feel

    and bleed

    and fester

    We love

    and we give

    and we rot on the inside, sometimes

    Remember the limitations of being human

    and nurture the positive elements in life

    be true to your beliefs, your true beliefs

    regardless of what others say

    To your deity, your faiths and universe pray

    for guidance, but do not misinterpret the lessons

    for no divine presence demands cruelty or greed

    Remember the limitations of being human

    foster compassion

    share awareness

    offer unconditional support

    but mostly

    Feed your Soul & Free your Spirit

    for a nurtured soul

    and a liberated spirit

    can move mountains

    and fill the universe with music.



  4. Thank you Sharonlee for your inspiration! You are correct in all you say!