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This post was inspired by the Disney movie "Saving Mr. Banks". A story shared with the world first, with a book, then with a movie  as we know as "Mary Poppins".

Little did anyone realize that the book was really an account of a little girl growing up in Queensland Australia with her family and the relationship between her and her father. A movie many of us grew up with and loved so much. Now comes the story of the author of the book. A totally different inspiration than we came to know about Mary Poppins. It is now a story of   the little girl who wrote her feelings about her childhood full of disappointments and tragedies. Mary Poppins in real life was a nurse, not a Nani.  A nurse to save her father, but could not.

I cried more than a few times during the movie as I can identify with my own father and what I went through in my childhood.

Disney was genius! As usual. A champion for children, a child himself, as previous posts reflect

All of us have a "Mr. Banks" in our young life. He maybe a father, a mother, a family member, even a friend. Is it  true that pain does fill the pen with ink. as in the case of P.L. Travers ( the author of the book). She found refuge from her pain by writing about it. It was The making of the movie based on her book that caused her to confront her past. She had become a grumpy hurt soul who was only revived  when Disney tracked her down in London and shared his personal challenging past. Unfortunately  I could not find a video of the full dialog between Disney and  P.L. Travers in this scene. It is such a great dialog. It addresses my message like none other. If anyone finds that full dialog please let me know so I can include it in this post.There are short references made in the Trailer which I added to this post.

Essentially Disney talks about delivering news papers twice a day in icy cold weather. Among other things that were painful growing up. His father was in the newspaper business. The point being that every one has challenges in life and have to deal with them on a daily basis.

Is it not coincidental that I was a newspaper boy who delivered newspapers early in the mornings before going to school? When my bike broke down my parents said I would have to fix it myself. I had to pay for it with the little money I made from delivering papers.needless to say I did not have the money. I ended up carrying them on my back, walking for many months. Had to walk with the papers on my back over 5 miles each morning and then walk to school about another 2 miles each way. I actually slept in the garage the last year or two before leaving the house and my family.

I was sort of adopted by A Lutheran priest and his family in Banning California. From there I went straight to Greece where I lived and studied for six years. I hated my father and the day I left my family was the day I had raised my fist at my father, ready to fight him. My mother separated us and from that moment I left to live my last months in the US with a Reverend  Kecks and his family in Banning, California,  never to see my family again until I returned from Greece. I was 17 years old then. 

When I came back from Greece my father was a changed man. I could and did love him before his passing to the afterlife.

I am in the middle of my own autobiography now.

I am certain we all have such painful experiences with either friends or family. Some of you just naturally will write about your past. I suggest you all set down and write about your pain from the past. Trust me when I say it will be healing.

Below is the video of the movie

May you in spirit reunite with your  Mr. Banks and find forgiveness in your heart, if not already done. Free yourself

Love and Light

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