Friday, February 21, 2014

~~~ PATHOS ~~~

Pathos is a Greek word for passion. One of the most important words in my lexicon. I feel passion is the driving force behind all pursuits in our life. Passion produces an energy that  enhances expressions of humanity.

"To live without passion is like a heart with no beat"

Quote by Stephen Hill

What inspired this post was the Winter Olympics which are about to begin with opening ceremonies in Sochi  Russia.   I have been watching the interviews with the athletes, not just from the US but from around the world. Heart wrenching stories  about preparations for the Olympics and what the families go through to  help the hopeful Olympians. In each interview  the word Passion was spoken. That it takes Passion to be the best at the sport of choice. 

I was blessed to have worked at the Olympic village in Munich Germany  and at first hand see the passion in the eyes of the Olympians from around the world. I worked for the Kempiski hotel chain and we fed the athletes. 

Passion can be contagious when sharing with others. This is the "secrete " Ingredient  for life in general. I am a very passionate person. I never hesitate to cry when someone or something moves me.

I have told my kids that in life that they should find something  they are passionate about and do it as a job and get paid for doing something you love to do. 

Allow your passion to be expressed. Allow others to see your passion. Witnesses to such passion are necessary  to gain inspiration to purse one's goal to achieve in life.

The Olympics can serve as an opportunity to unite all people on this planet as, separated only by the colors of their flag. 

Attached below is a video I used in the last time I posted about the Olympics. Dedicated to the mothers who were the driving force behind their kids achievements with passion. 

Let us all unite all humanity with Pathos

Love and Light to you all!

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